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SplittersplitterIn Splitter, a new physics-based puzzle game created by Eugene Karataev, each level can be solved in a number of different ways. Your goal is to help the little smilley reach the brown exit and collect the star(s) on the way.

To do so, use your mouse to split objects and joints and let gravity do its thing. You can split joints and wood objects, but not metal and brick objects.

To spice things up, you have a limited number of cuts in each level.

If you are looking for a very nice and very challenging game to fill your Saturday afternoon, don’t look any further.

Great and addictive!

Have fun!

Splitter video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.25


12 Comments to Splitter

  1. Marcel says:

    first + this looks fun

  2. Ueger says:

    Help for ppl who are stuck on the level Grapple


  3. bramy says:

    need help with domino and driving school !!!

  4. Mimi says:

    Eric, I’ve tried for two days and can’t get it to load…any thoughts?

  5. Eric says:

    @Mimi – I don’t anything wrong. Anyway, try this link!

  6. Game Druid says:

    Sounds cool. Though I am not a big fan of puzzle… may be it is the right game for Saturday afternoon. :)

  7. Mimi says:

    Eric, thanks for new link, it worked for me.

  8. poo says:

    how do you do level 21

  9. smartie says:

    hey anyone know how to watch the walkthrough
    coz im actually really stuck

  10. crystal says:

    i love it

  11. KABLOO says:

    Hey i just want to help you guys out i know you are having crap loads of trouble with this game. just ask and i will give you a walkthru to any level! For now ill just help with the biggest pain: Driving School (lv 14) Show