Escape the Vampire Room

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Escape the Vampire RoomEscape the Vampire Room is the latest Room Escape game designed by Matt Wade. “Another “in a day” game. Well, it took two days, but still. In the spirit of Halloween, you find yourself stuck in a room with a fantastic portrait of a vampire.” Hint: Don’t let the organ riddle screw you up. Remember, Google is your friend…”  A little harder than my last one, Matt said… Have fun!

Update: Escape the Vampire Room walkthrough in comment #26 (thanks elianosje!)

By Eric

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54 Comments to Escape the Vampire Room

  1. al.mira says:

    first one :D

    i got so far

  2. elianosje says:


  3. elianosje says:

    Smashed vampires head, hahaha!

  4. al.mira says:

    do you know how to get the mouse?

  5. elianosje says:

    where did you find

  6. elianosje says:

    I think it has something to do with playing the organ,
    maybe the mouse comes out?
    don’t know what to play yet though…

  7. elianosje says:

    never mind, found it…

  8. syl says:

    hi all,Show

    i think you have to play Show

    as the paper on the table says….i’m tryin’ but nothin happens

  9. syl says:

    please, where’s the lit match?

  10. elianosje says:

    lit match is

  11. syl says:

    ooooooh…tnx a lot!

  12. elianosje says:


    but not to slow

  13. mjn says:

    mary had a little lamb


    but after i play it nothing happens

  14. elianosje says:

    mjn, you miss something, play

  15. elianosje says:

    Sorry for the spoiler.. :-(

  16. syl says:

    i get a cheese!

  17. mjn says:

    WOW !!

    thanx !!

    now i got it !!

  18. Bman says:

    i played the song on the piano but nothing happened.
    Please help!

  19. syl says:


  20. Bman says:

    I’M OUT!!!

  21. syl says:

    then Show


  22. elianosje says:

    yes, out!

  23. al.mira says:

    what is the password?

  24. al.mira says:


  25. Irid says:

    Thanks syl! Your comment was the one thing I needed to get out!

  26. elianosje says:

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

  27. Mila says:

    When you do the song you van collect a cheese??? What am I doing wrong?

  28. Mila says:

    Got it. missed one note

  29. ceri says:

    ehh i have d rats head in the star thing but its telling me the rat head is to wet what do i do now???

  30. ceri says:

    never mind

  31. jo c says:

    Played it note for note, fast, slow and in between and nothing happens. Getting really frustrated

  32. ceri says:


  33. satan says:

    wow tht was easy

  34. Samantha:D says:

    Ahh I’m playing it perfectly and it’s still not giving me the damn cheese!!!!

  35. matt wade says:

    The Mary Had a Little Lamb thing was giving people too much trouble, so I just changed it. Check out the new version. It should be much easier now.

  36. Samantha:D says:

    I did it I don’t know how I played the exact same notes… I got out too!!!!! :D

  37. emilia says:



  38. barbara says:

    it is not mary had a little lamb

  39. I can’t read the text from the vampires blood. Help…

  40. itsjustanaccount says:

    On screen it is just scribbles, but near the bottom is the text display (the white box above the 8 red inventory boxes) Read that, now what is drawn in the blood.

  41. f2 says:

    IM OUT!

  42. DNOMN8R says:

    One more thing:

  43. Courtney says:

    I don’t know why you guys are playing mary had a little lamb. The noted from the pumpkins says EGGED, that’s what notes you play.

  44. Courtney says:

    Oh, never mind, just read matt’s comment. Scratch that last one.

  45. whats the password? any help here?

  46. you find the MATCH after you blow up dracula’s head,you find the FEATHER on the knight,you find the ROPE on the window,you get the KNIFE in the top of the organ,get the KEY from the mouse, get the MOUSE with the cheese, get the CHEESE by playing mary had a little lamb on the organ, get the GAS by opening cabinet with key.

  47. JMOE says:

    WHERE IS THE CHEESE??????????? I played Mary had a little lamnb, and nothing happened!!!!!!

  48. JMOE says:

    Oh. I removed the knife. Now it works! : )

  49. JMOE says:

    Help! I played Mary Had A Little Lamb after I removed the knife, but NO CHEESE!

  50. JMOE says:

    I played