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CharismaCharismaCharisma is the fifth installment in the Japanese Room Escape series created by Gump, the author of Boat House, Guest House, Terminal House and Rental House.

You are trapped in a recording studio today, and you look a bit depressed! It seems that you won’t leave this place before you sing your song!

If you like Gump’s games, you will love this one!

Have fun!

Update: Charisma walkthrough in comment #79 (thanks Danial!)

By Eric

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88 Comments to Charisma

  1. shane kenealy says:

    hi what is the code for the top safe. i am having trouble with it.

  2. Mila says:

    Tanx but I had the safe already opened and got the coin. But I cannot find the last shape and I cannot take the blue drink.

  3. mammy says:

    the last chape is in the right speaker

  4. fartpilot says:

    you can’t drink the green drink but Show

  5. Sarah says:

    Help I can’t work out the bottom safe code using the CD!??!

  6. Mila says:

    Tanx for the help

  7. Mila says:

    @ shane: are you still working on the code?

  8. Em says:

    Need help with the lower safe..Anyone? Please!

  9. miacat says:


  10. Mila says:

    code is different every time

  11. Reka says:

    Em, Show

  12. Erika says:

    Can anyone help me with the top safe code?

  13. CJ says:

    anyone still here?…need help w/ top safe please

  14. Em says:

    Me too…

  15. Mila says:

    You must look on the wallpainting and the paper in your inventory. And then do the counting

  16. Erika says:


  17. Mila says:

    Yes and then put them in the right order, and there is the code

  18. Em says:

    CJ Show

  19. Em says:

    I can´t come in to the DJ….?

  20. Em says:

    Yes! FINALLY I´m out!

  21. CJ says:

    tx erika & mila…was trying to match rows up somehow.

  22. shaz says:

    this top safe doing my head in i have all lines going up and across adding to 24,got them in right order but wheres enter bit the 2 bottom buttons either reset or code changes numbers

  23. shaz says:

    ok sussed it

  24. Alucard says:

    OMG!! That song was just so… NOOOO!! I’ve just died XDDD

  25. jorina says:

    for the safe code is Show

    That is all i can tell.

  26. Schubi says:

    Sounds to me like the name of the band should be SKUNK.

  27. Samantha:D says:

    ok where are the drinks and the box?

  28. donna says:

    the codes are always different

  29. Danial says:


  30. Danial says:

    The code for the code safe is Show

  31. Ralf says:

    Danial, it changes.
    Out. Good one.

  32. Danial says:

    No, the safe code doesn’t change.

  33. daisy says:

    That was cute. Not easy but the end sequence makes it worth it

    Oh yeah, Danial Show

  34. daisy says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough Danial :)

  35. Yume says:

    That was good fun! I even solved the number puzzle all by myself – I’m so proud!!! The end sequence was a lovely reward.Thanks for the great game, Gump!

  36. Sam says:

    Which way to solve the code for the numbers? Horizontal or Vertical?

  37. Jon says:

    Does anyone know the name of that song?

  38. KIRODE says:

    Haha! Great game, great song AND I escaped it without a walkthrough. Great! Haha!