Alphabet Room Escape

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Alphabet Room EscapeAlphabet Room Escape is the 14th Room Escape game from 123Bee. “You are trapped in an alphabet room. You have to escape from the room by using clues, objects, and by solving the riddles.” I like the wallpaper in this room! Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Whazzup says:

    OIC, those numbers are the Show

  2. Jenni says:

    that doesn’t make sense!

    thanks vanni– how’d you figure that out?

  3. Margarita says:

    The clock shows you Show

    and i can’t figure it out…

  4. tornam says:

    Mila gave solution for pendulum go to: Mila – October 23,2008 – 2:13 pm

  5. Margarita says:

    ok now the message Show

    and….stuck again…

  6. tornam says:

    the solution for going out when you have returned from pendula room and red cross is flashing on the door is:

  7. Whazzup says:

    After the pendula, the right wall in same room has the letters Show

    lit up

  8. Margarita says:

    oooops! sorry guys! i just realized that i forgot to use the spoiler tags… i’m new here… sorry…. :(

  9. Margarita says:

    out… not my favorite game…

  10. JoeWilly says:

    Code for the door

  11. cat says:

    I find four methods to get out and the last code is6478993598

  12. Em says:

    I´m out. Show

  13. cat says:

    The game is total 22 kind of code that I know .The writer is so crazy

  14. cat says:

    28 kinds of way to get out

  15. Raika says:


    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show


  16. Merlina says:

    ok I am confused. First, how did you get the pendulum order? Just by clicking to see when it stopped? Second, I don’t get the last code because
    [spoiler]First of all, I only saw the letters in get on the wall, no “a” and when I finally got it it was because I tried the code without the “a” because it didn’t work when I used it.

    • Tina says:

      If you look at Show

      and it gives you the order.

      You Show

      Also, Show

  17. Raika says:



  18. Raika says:

    Oh and if you can’t get the code then, it’s due to a glitch I guess. In that case, just restart the game.

  19. sarah says:

    hey i know the code for getting out… Show

  20. Lucia says:

    Thanx Sarah!

    That was the only one that worked for me, the other ones I found here didn’t!

  21. Arashi says:

    I´m out…but still didn´t like this one…be honest…did somebody solve it whitout any clue?…by example: you have to click on the “U” book and you see an “L”…but if you go right to the “L” book at that very moment, nothing appears!!…so you have to go to the “I” book first!!that make non sense to me…

  22. Arashi says:

    by the way…i can´t see how an “g” can be a 4!!and an “e” a 33…I always thought that an “a” is a 1, “b”-2, “c”-3, the “g” should be a 7!!!and a “e”=5!!!!
    I just don´t get it…but maybe is just me

  23. BrianPuzzler says:

    Great game until the end. Still haven’t seen a logical explanation for Show

    . Some of the answers here don’t work but Show

    worked for me, but I have no idea why.

  24. gigglez9348 says:

    none of these work!!!