Halloween Escape

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Halloween EscapeHalloween Escape is the 13th Room Escape game from 123Bee. “You are trapped in a Halloween house haunted by a vampire. You have to escape from this abode of evil using the available means.” here is another Halloween game that pixel hunting fans will enjoy! Have fun!

Halloween Escape walkthrough (thanks Devon!)

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By Eric

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82 Comments to Halloween Escape

  1. Jeff says:

    First…to be stuck

    So far I have Show

    anyone else playing???

  2. tusa says:

    same as you Jeff, but I have Show

  3. Jeff says:

    I found a Show

  4. Jeff says:

    for the candle Show

  5. tusa says:

    Jeff- haow did you get Show

  6. tusa says:

    Thanks Jeff.

  7. tusa says:

    Hey Jeff- once you have Show

    you can put it in Show

  8. Jeff says:


  9. Jeff says:

    Patience is a virtue. A virtue I do not have. Good luck everyone. Everything I wrote is pretty intuitive, so I do not think I helped out too much. I’m out till tomorrow!

  10. tusa says:

    Hey, I just gota piece from Show

    not sure what it is or what to do with it though.

  11. guest says:

    I have the Show

  12. tusa says:

    See ya Jeff

  13. Jeff says:


    One final observation

  14. Jeff says:

    Guess you cannot get rid of me.

  15. tusa says:

    I think that piece just divides your inventory into two areas – not sure why. Also I just got a Show

    now I’m looking for a place to use it.

  16. tusa says:

    Hey Jeff, Glad to see that I’m not talking to myself. lol:)

  17. Jeff says:

    on the Show

  18. tusa says:

    Okay Jeff- take the Show

  19. SoDeF says:

    hi tusa

    but now I think I’m stuck

  20. SoDeF says:

    oops. you got it!

  21. SoDeF says:

    any ideas about Show

  22. tusa says:

    No problem SoDeF. I’m usually the one typing after someone gets it. Just got to take it in stride :)

  23. J says:

    There’s a Show

  24. victoria says:

    SoDef maybe the key I have not used it yet anyone know were the candle is you all are talking about

  25. tusa says:

    Thanks J,

    @SoDeF – where is the Show

  26. Jeff says:

    where is the Show

  27. tusa says:

    @ Victoria- post 4 tells how to get it, it is located Show

  28. SoDeF says:

    so happy to haveShow


  29. geez says:

    throw pumpkin down the trap door after its been open..then use hammer on the block on the floor to get axe..witch and pot is also there…now im stuck

  30. geez says:

    witch hat and pot sorry

  31. tusa says:

    also get the spider Show

  32. victoria says:

    Thank you Tusa I did not see that post :)

  33. tusa says:

    clicking on the back wall in the “subway” says that it is a “sliding door” but I can’t access it.

  34. geez says:

    i used the axe on the cat and filled the witch hat with its blood..now im stuck again lol

  35. J says:

    OK, that’s it for me. I’m not axe-murdering a cat, even in play.

  36. geez says:

    i see that too tusa..sliding wall but dont know how to access it

  37. tusa says:

    just got an Show

  38. geez says:

    did that already..use the axe on the cat…then fill the witch hat with its blood thats where im stuck

  39. SoDeF says:

    I’ve got to agree with J… me out too

  40. tusa says:

    Well, good luck to all, I have to go to a meeting. I’ll check later and see how you’ve faired. bye.

  41. victoria says:

    that is sick the cat still moving with out his head :(

  42. victoria says:

    go luck at the meeting tusa see ya

  43. geez says:

    im out!

  44. victoria says:

    found 2 railing


  45. victoria says:

    every one left :( I’m stuck have cauldron, the broom fiber, cat’s blood,the skull, rib and spider, ax, hammer, broom and two railing

  46. kevo says:

    there are 3 railing Show

  47. kevo says:

    sorry about the spoiler tags this is my first time

    Edit: spoiler tags fixed.

  48. Devon says:

    I’m stuck too :(

  49. DNOMN8R says:

    Stuck at same place

  50. nana says:

    I am stuck and all alone, I suppose