Rings of Color

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Rings of ColorRings of Color is a rotation-based puzzle game where the object is to match the colored rings around the same colored balls. Click to rotate clockwise any group of four rings highlighted in gray. Easy at first, it gets more difficult in later levels (12 in total). Have fun!

By Eric

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4 Comments to Rings of Color

  1. satan says:

    first um this game suks

  2. Carrie_ ^^ _ says:

    Second!!!! UHUUU

  3. NetMonster says:

    How do you restart a level? How do you revisit previous levels? Where are the instructions? Flawed design…

    …but a good concept. Worth playing.

  4. Reka says:

    It *always* ends up turning the wrong block of four. I think the highlighting needs to be more prominent, and/or it needs little pivot points marked in the middle of each block.

    And even with that, it tends to be hard, and not in a good way. Or at least not in a way that induced me to keep playing.