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ShipwreckedShipwrecked is the third Point’n’Click adventure game released by Pixelatrix Games. “Just when life was good, just when you bought the boat of your dreams, just when… You have survived a shipwreck, now you need to find your way back to the civilization.” Have fun!

Shipwrecked video walkthrough (thanks itsjustanaccount!)

By Eric

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29 Comments to Shipwrecked

  1. frisky armadillo says:

    first ^_^

  2. frisky armadillo says:

    and stuck in Show

  3. frisky armadillo says:

    nvrmind ^_^

  4. shaz says:

    omg how the hell do u even start this game ive clicked every screen nothing happens.

  5. Clara says:

    is anyone at the storyboard yet? i can’t figure out the starting order of the symbols

  6. Bob says:

    Clue: Show

  7. Clara says:


  8. vanni ogg says:

    I’m getting confused. navigating is horrible. where am I? have I been there before? I need a map!!!

  9. Smurfette says:

    I’m with vanni ogg. I am so confused on where I am and what ecactly to do.

  10. Miss D says:

    Same here, what are we supposed to do?

  11. Smurfette says:

    I figured out part of it…. Show

    …but then I got stuck.

  12. Preeti says:

    Thanks Smurfette. After you find the cave you click on circles from big to small and door opens up. Then you have to click on squares in a pattern so that door opens up. The Pattern is [Botton center square then Top right Square and then bottom left square]. Thats how far I am right now.

  13. Preeti says:

    Oops. Sorry I tried using spoiler but I guess it didn’t work.

  14. Reka says:

    Pipe puzzle: Show

    Snake puzzle (grid of symbols): Show

    Now stuck in yet another room with puzzles. (And a big gaping… mouth on one wall.)

  15. Reka says:

    Correction, now that I look at it again, Show

  16. Reka says:

    Make that the *pipe* puzzle. Sheesh, I just can’t write today.

  17. itsjustanaccount says:

    Out. Will have a video walkthrough up in a few minutes. Wow, when was the last time I made a video walkthrough?

  18. dawn says:

    am in room with face with big mouth and 8 pictures, cant figure it out

  19. Reka says:

    Out with some help from other sites…

    2×4 panels: Show

    Vases: Show

    Old temple: Show

    Plane: Show

  20. shaz says:

    ok how do u start i have asked in comment 4 not getting no help here.i see shark,boat and island but how the heck u start to play this

  21. itsjustanaccount says:

    It is taking a long time to process, but when its done, it will be found here:

    Video Walkthrough

  22. itsjustanaccount says:

    Disregard my last message. Youtube was taking a weird amount of time to process the video, so I just re-uploaded it, now its working. Here it is!
    Video Walkthrough

  23. victoria says:

    shaz there should be red arrows on your left and right click on them then you will see arrows at top of the screens to get to the islands

  24. victoria says:

    itsjustanaccount a walkthrough would be very nice :) and a Video would be even better Thanks :)

  25. Reka says:

    “Map” of jungle: Show

  26. shaz says:

    it ok found the up arrow but lost interest in this game

  27. victoria says:

    itsjustanaccount Thank you so much for the video walkthrough I would never have got through this game. Great Job !!!! :)

  28. FyreNWater says:

    Shaz, turn off any ad-blocker and it’ll load properly. You can always turn it back on once it reaches the title screen.

  29. JJ says:

    thank you itsjustanaccount for the vidiowalkthrough! IM OUT!!!! XP