Jail Break

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Jail BreakJail Break is the Latest Room Escape Game from 123Bee. You’re sentenced to death and it’s the day before your execution. You try to stay calm, since you are innocent. You are still alive, so I guess there’s still hope: follow the footsteps of your predecessors and escape before it’s too late! Have fun!

By Eric

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64 Comments to Jail Break

  1. J says:

    I think there’s a bug, or at least a “dumbness”: I think that unless you do the code correctly the very first time through, it doesn’t necessarily parse it as correct.

    The code just didn’t want to work for me. I entered it something like half a dozen times — and believe me, that’s tedious. I tried going away from that view and coming back, still nothing.

    Then I tried clicking the first number repeatedly (on the order of 50 times). Then I entered the code, and it worked.

    If your code is accepted, Show

  2. Josesita says:

    thanks Titou!!!!!!!

  3. SuzieGirl64 says:

    I agree with J – very inconsistent

  4. TheBFA says:

    Here is the trick to who ever keeps messing up the code

  5. darkman says:

    easy game im out in 15 min

    or 20

  6. Chris says:


  7. Linda says:

    I also got the times wrong… 11pm should be “11 12” not just “11”. And wtf whas the creator thinking to make us enter a 36 digit code?

  8. Kim says:

    Thanks TheBFA, that was the explanation I needed to understand how peeps were getting the code! Cheers!

  9. BeccaB says:

    finished it =] here the walkthrought if ur stuck


  10. bla says:

    i dont get the third mission….when you got to find skins

  11. katie says:

    hmm i gave up and looked at the answers … i like games like that but i was there for like an hour tryin to figure the code out. i mean whats with all the .. do this number rite it reverse it put it upside down and rite it out again and flip it backwards o.0

  12. JROD2k11 says:

    whats the number code on level 9?

  13. leendlijames says:

    Thanks to Chris… I read his comment and the code worked…

  14. your mom says:

    i beat the game in 2:36 no cheats