Sun City Chronicles – Chapter 1: Cataclysm

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Sun City Chronicles - Chapter 1: CataclysmSun City Chronicles – Chapter 1: Cataclysm is a new Point’n’Click adventure game in which you play Nick Maldrive, a detective in the SCPD. “Is this case just another usual suicide case? You’ll have to play to find out. Speak to people, pick up items and use them on people and stuff to advance the plot.” Have fun!

Sun City Chronicles – Chapter 1: Cataclysm walkthrough in comment #42 (thanks anonymouse!)

By Eric

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57 Comments to Sun City Chronicles – Chapter 1: Cataclysm

  1. monte says:

    i am playing and like it but i am stuck any one else playing

  2. anonymouse says:

    where you at monte?

  3. sabrina says:

    i’v went to 5 sites including police station. i’v got a police tag, camera, recorder,shovel, woodpecker, apple & have already used empty bottle,club ticket & dog food. i’m stuck now. can anyone help me?

  4. anonymouse says:

    did you get the new drink?

  5. monte says:

    where did you use the dog food. that is where i am stuck i guess?

  6. anonymouse says:

    nevermind, reread what you wrote, did you talk to the drunk at the bar? what might look like what he wants?

  7. anonymouse says:

    nevermind, just reread what you wrote, what you need is to get the guy off the arcade machine, perhaps something could chew through the cord…

  8. monte says:

    ive tried to give him the dog food, but it just says doesn’t sound like a good idea

  9. anonymouse says:

    monte- you’ve got to make it look more like matballs, use the kitchen at the police station

  10. monte says:

    thanks. i gave him the metballs and now iam stuck trying to figure out the guy at the pinball machine

  11. anonymouse says:

    what have you seen that likes to chew on things?

  12. monte says:

    i have no idea…

  13. anonymouse says:

    a type of rodent…


  14. monte says:

    wow. i am even more confused. i did manage to get the sleeping pills, but i am stuck again

  15. monte says:

    alright. now i have given the poster to the guy and the other guy will not let me get the hamster

  16. anonymouse says:

    to deal with the guy on the pinball machine:


  17. dazed and confused says:

    I’m so stuck

  18. monte says:

    i hate the fact that i tried to take his picture before when i first gave him the drink but the game didn’t allow it then. stupid

  19. dazed and confused says:

    I cant get dude to give up the poster

  20. jay says:

    hint: the boss will be angry if he see’s an employee drinking while on the job, maybe you should use your camera? now im stuck :-(

  21. jay says:

    spoke to soon, didnt notice the arcade room was on the right!

  22. monte says:

    make dude with poster drink the sleeping pills

  23. dazed and confused says:

    anonymouse: how do i get my hands on a death kiss?

  24. sabrina says:

    what to do with the cat?

  25. monte says:

    you need a note from the guy at the pet store back room… give him the empty bottle

  26. monte says:

    i am stuck with dirty kitten

  27. monte says:

    i took care of kitten and now have lights off but am stuck again

  28. sabrina says:

    how do i get the cat clean?

  29. monte says:

    put in the bathroom sink at the club

  30. anonymouse says:

    sorry guys I’m back, monte have you used the voice recorder- blue football shaped thing?

  31. monte says:

    no i havent. i tried to but i couldnt get it to work anywhere. help

  32. monte says:

    when i use the recorded message with the guard, he says it doesn’t sound right?

  33. anonymouse says:

    what you need to do is get in the back room-
    who’s voice would help with that

  34. anonymouse says:

    okay, you need to fix it with a computer

  35. monte says:

    i just got off the hone and my car is being stoilen? where to go?

  36. anonymouse says:

    it’s not your car, it’s the blond’s car, go where he was, and use one of your inventory items

  37. sabrina says:

    solved the mystery. thanx everyone

  38. monte says:

    thanks for the help. that had to be the dumbest ending ever for a not so bad game

  39. dazed and confused says:

    figured out the drink…i still cant pick up the pills thought. either i missed something or im not doing it right.humpf!

  40. anonymouse says:

    hey dazed, where you at, do you have the death kis, or have you used it?

  41. dalexa32 says:

    ive played the message for the guy in front of the staff door but he says hes not stupid. ive tried using the phone at the police station to call him but it wont let me do that either. what do i do now?

  42. anonymouse says:

    Police station

    Northern lights

    Blackwood height

    City center

    Blackwood height

    Police Station

    City center

    Northern lights

    Police Station

    Blackwood height

    City center

    City park

    Blackwood height

    Police station

    City center

    Police Station

    City center

    City park

  43. anonymouse says:

    that is a veery basic walkthrough, with only the stuff you have to do, i recomend talking to everyone so you get the whole story

  44. dalexa32 says:

    i finished finally. what was the apple for though? i never used it.

  45. Miss D says:

    I can’t use the recorder on Show

    but that’s about it. Can anyone help me?

  46. Suz says:

    I can Show

  47. iceberg says:

    for the recorder

  48. Renegade says:

    I can’t pick up the Pill Bottle?
    It says it doesn’t sound like a good idea…

  49. Renegade says:

    Meh, whatever, beat the game..

  50. Lorena says:

    Can’t pick up the bottle either, nor play the recorder in the police station’s last room