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TombscapeTombscapeTombscape is the latest Point’n’Click Adventure game released by Psionic for Bubblebox.

“If the Rumors are true, this ancient temple holds treasures beyond your wildest dreams…

The “other” rumor is that it houses many traps, puzzles and pitfalls along the way…

But that kind of thing has never deterred you before!”

Warning, you can die in this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.19


164 Comments to Tombscape

  1. Archbob says:

    Took me forever to figure out how to get past that first swinging axe, I didn’t see anything to click for a long time.

  2. joeyboy says:


  3. Some guy says:

    Can someone help? The bucket doesn’t appear in my inventory. Thanks

  4. Jessica says:

    okay how do you light the torches with your lighter? Do you like click your lighter then click the torches?? helllppp I dunno what to do!

  5. Jessica says:

    okay nvm people I got it…I got it…lolz

  6. Samantha says:

    High Score for now!! 223610!! woot! I usually STINK at games so this is cool for me. That spider is ANNOYING.

  7. James says:


  8. koala says:

    awwww yeah top score 231850 51:30

  9. Molly says:

    Hey er do peoples actual score go to the top 5? or it like 0_0 computers?

  10. kale says:

    where is the god bucket to use?

  11. zeke says:

    hi uhh im on a puzzle with 6*-9= something can you help? i want the number only

  12. stvieboy says:

    im still stuck on the bucket of water bit , can anybody help ?

  13. DNOMN8R says:

    The good bucket is

  14. CAOSKIN says:

    ok first time played…
    got 221,310

  15. jon says:

    i did it and got 209496 #1 score!

  16. cardio says:

    yey,i got the top score…wew

  17. Cathal says:

    Wahey, finished: 237766 score, done in 6:28, found all 5 secret items!!!

  18. joanna (JT) says:

    ~ 256142 ~ beaten the Psionic score wooo whooo!!

  19. Samrizzla says:

    WHAT the hell… that connect the dote crap is stupid, i go as slow and as evenly as possible and i can’t beat it… just turned me off the game.

  20. Megan says:

    Cool Game

  21. Haha says:

    ok… you have to click on top of the torches to light them

  22. msizzard says:

    I am not fast enough for join the dots. I have arm cramp and annoyance!

  23. FREY says:

    i cant do the frist set of challenges HOW DO YOU DO IT?????

  24. cam says:

    i’m stuck on the puzzle ihave no clue what * means help!!!!!!

  25. David says:

    How do i solve the 2 puzzles on the wall?

  26. mini_nurse87 says:

    in the very first room use your shovel to uncover the dirt…and somewhere in the back there is a brick you can click on to reveal a room..use ur lighter to light up the room. take the sword thingy and move on

  27. harry says:

    i hate this spazzy game
    nahhhhhhhhh just kiddin!!!!!!!!! lol

  28. pok says:

    I scored second on the top 10 list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. paddy says:

    lol ive got top score… mudge

  30. pam says:

    Loved the game. Didn’t get all secret items and died many times but still fun and easy enough.

  31. Don Kiddick says:

    I have accumulated extra pieces of ammo and managed to zap 28 spiders . Can anyone please tell me how to get passed these beasts. How many more bits of ammo do I need?

  32. jaquin says:

    high score =D 239922

  33. Olivia says:

    I am soooo confused!!!! I dont understand anything about this game.

  34. Alec says:

    how do you get trough the swingging axe

  35. klock says:

    how do you get past symbol puzzle

  36. Jalindal says:

    Whoo! Second best after Psionic! Awesome AWESOME games! I’ve played all of them in a row this evening, haha. I suspect I’ll come back tomorrow and play them again. :-P

  37. becks84 says:

    wow thats a cool game! i got 238782 points! I liked ghostscape too, not tried icescape yet guna find that now!!!!!! well done psionic!! More of the same Pleeeeeaaaaaasssseee!!!!!

  38. destiny says:

    my score is 202470! im at the top of the high scores list, baby! sweet!

  39. Doomer327 says:

    I need help with the numbers!

  40. Doomer327 says:

    Need help with the number puzzle!!

  41. BBE says:

    I feel so stupid I cant pass the axel room what should I do??????????????????????

  42. SADDI says:

    wahoo highscore baby!

  43. Brandon says:

    how do u get pass the second puzzle with the symbols I’ve been trying for a while. Please help Psionic or anyone else

  44. Brandon says:

    now I’m confused on how to do the third dot to dot puzzle.

  45. Brandon says:

    i got the highest score for the top 5 scores

  46. ema says:

    i can’t get throw the codes wear you open the door pieas some one help???????????

  47. Adam says:

    i got the top score wooooooooooooooooo

  48. John says:

    someone tell me the code please! Show

  49. sue says:

    how do we do the part that has a long drop by the tunnel.

  50. jessica says:

    hehe finished in shorter than 12min. score 238216. love the spiders!!! wana shoot more :D