Escape to Obion 5 – The Chemisphere

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Escape to ObionEscape to Obion - 5Escape to Obion is a series of five Point’n’Click adventure games designed by Matt Slaybaugh in Spring 2006. Here is the fifth and last episode, The Chemisphere.

“From the receipts you recovered, we were able to identify two of Jone’s bank accounts, and with help from the local militia were able to freeze them.

Now Jones is on the run, and without ready cash hasn’t be able to pay his staff, some of whom have deserted, the rest scattered.

Someone calling himself “Dr. Monday” has contacted us and says he has valuable information about something called “Talos”, as well as the adress of what he claims is a former training groud, “The Chemisphere”.

Investigate, locate Monday and return with anything else you find.”

Have fun!

By Eric

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14 Comments to Escape to Obion 5 – The Chemisphere

  1. Isabel says:

    No idea what Absent father means

  2. Isabel says:

    I got only one of the puzzles. The one with the wood stick and gave me a sign related to another puzzle.

  3. Isabel says:

    I’ve got a second sign, after doing the puzzle with the water buckets

  4. sdcross says:

    can anyone help me with the water buckets

  5. SIAN says:


  6. eric says:

    okay ,how do you solve the block puzzle? solved water, open case with the thermostat – led to a room read all , type Alvin Meade open box other card. thans it so far

  7. victoria says:

    anyone playing I’m still on the stupied block puzzle I used to be good at this but can’t get it lol

  8. eric says:

    to avoid the water puzzle and the other ones – go to the right in factory press it,then press to top left symbol,then press the top right symbol,then bottom row on right second symbol (looks like a circle with an upsidedown u in it) press it doors will open,- one puzzle will give (1.26 watts) green symbol with this info , still trying ALITTLE HELP WOULD BE NICE

  9. Isabel says:

    OK block puzzle,click the three tiles you found in order. I started with the green one

  10. victoria says:

    I don’t know if I am on the right game of Obion this is #5 but it tells me level one Lynchburg I’m in a warehouse with lot’s of ladders am I on the right game if not what it the code name

  11. bmic says:

    found a pair of gauges next to library entrance and marking near cupboards that seem to match but nothing happens
    can’t find third symbol- found “sliding” puzzle and water puzzle

  12. victoria says:

    I found a walkthrough if anyone is ready

  13. Isabel says:

    About gauges: turn to highest, both of them, but opposite to each other