ButtonHunt 3

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ButtonHunt 3ButtonHunt 3Sponsored by Kongregate, ButtonHunt 3 is a new puzzle game developed by Achilles015, 14, and the best game in the ButtonHunt series.

“Work your way through thirty creative puzzles as quickly and efficiently as possible in the conclusion to the award-winning ButtonHunt series. Achievements are unlocked for being fast and accurate. The final achievement is unlocked when you finish the game under 185 seconds and click less than 110 times.”

Have fun!

Update: ButtonHunt 3 walkthrough in comment #4 (thanks lewman!)

By Eric

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5 Comments to ButtonHunt 3

  1. Denny says:


  2. pinwheel says:

    im confused

  3. laughingpoodle says:

    Got to the skulls level and then I’m stuck. Ideas?

  4. lewman says:

    Lvl 1Show

    Lvl 2Show

    Lvl 3Show

    Lvl 4Show

    Lvl 5Show

    Lvl 6Show

    Lvl 7 Show

    Lvl 8Show

    Lvl 9Show

    Lvl 10 Show

    Lvl 11Show

    Lvl 12Show

    Lvl 13Show

    Lvl 14 Show

    Lvl 15Show

    Lvl 16Show

    Lvl 17Show

    Lvl 18Show

    Lvl 19Show

    Lvl 20Show

    Lvl 21Show

    Lvl 22Show

    Lvl 23Show

    Lvl 23Show

    Lvl 24Show

    Lvl 25Show

    Lvl 25Show

    Lvl 26Show

    Lvl 27Show

    Lvl 28Show

  5. lewman says:

    when I wrote the walkthrough, I didn’t get the walkthrough slot