Grow Nano vol.1: a pure Point’n’Click hunting game!

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Grow Nano vol. 1A new Grow Nano version (vol.1) was released two days ago by On and is available on his web site After the fast clicking version Grow Nano vol.0, here is the slow hunt and click every spot version. You will have to find 30 different spots and be rewarded with a nice ending animation. Have fun!

By Eric

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16 Comments to Grow Nano vol.1: a pure Point’n’Click hunting game!

  1. °°°x¿o?x{°Ñ°ì°K°ƒ°L°Í°t°§°}x?o¿x°°° says:

    Okay I wish that I could leave you all a comment about how great or lame this game is, but I don’t know because there is NO LINK to click on that will allow me to play this game! But, I am the first official commenter on this game, which makes me feel like a geek. Sweet! Well, I hope that I will find a link for this game so that I can actually play it. And it better be worth it!

  2. Eric says:

    °°°x¿o?x{°Ñ°ì°K°ƒ°L°Í°t°§°}x?o¿x°°° – Well, when I click on the “Click” word, I’m able to play with this one, so you should be able too and then give us a feed back ;)

  3. LNL says:

    This game was fun. You only click on the red ring:-)
    Try it and you will be finish in no time. LNL

  4. katie says:

    Help! im playing grow nano vol. 1 and i can’t find the last one!!!!!!!! help!

  5. katie says:

    plz help me! im on grow nano vol 1 and connot find the last one! help!

  6. Arceusgod says:

    i finished this before… u wont belive THIS! (dont look if u dont wanna know the end)

  7. Paul says:

    woot this game is kool Show

  8. sesshie-chan says:

    i cant find the last one… i really need a spoiler or a hint….. a completed picture….. something!!!!

  9. Kaitlyn says:

    Can someone plz put a walkthrough on the site and not just talk about beating the game?

  10. Sora says:

    For those who can not find some of them go here

  11. TGNCC1701 says:

    woah, that is my walkthrough!

  12. hbbhbhbnhbbvbb says:

    ah i made this game 10 times is very Easy

  13. juwade says:

    best game ever plz make more

  14. izzy says:

    i’m not alond on youtube not enough internet plz post a pic or something some1

  15. DynomiteSoup says:

    the answer to it is Show

  16. noob427 says:

    i found the last spot it’s above the second door. ur welcomne