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SwitchSwitchSwitch is the latest Room Escape game designed by Neutral from Japan, the author of RGB, Sphere and Vision.

“I made a new easy room escape game series “Simple Room” and this room is the first work. “Switch” is easy and simple room escape game.
This time, you are in the orange dim room having kid’s toys. Seek and use hidden items and escape.”

Switch is a very nice looking game as usual: is it so easy to escape from this room?

Don’t forget to click the English button in the top right corner of the game window to play Switch in English.

Have fun!

Please be patient while the game is loading…

Switch walkthroughs here and there
(thanks Mona and Reka!)
Switch video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.11


93 Comments to Switch

  1. Emz says:


  2. Emz says:

    Soz bout that, Im never first lol

  3. Emz says:

    Damn the game wont load! And it looked really good aswell….just my luck!

  4. Emz says:

    Scratch that it’s fine now, had to click on the link acouple of times though

  5. Emz says:

    help im stuck, is anyone there?

  6. shir says:

    hello, i have triangle, square and star (used), missing red circle.
    2 sticks, green paper and paper with grid that you can flip over. do you have anything else. i’m pretty stuck.

  7. shir says:

    ha ha! we’re stuck in the same place

  8. shir says:

    such a beautiful game…
    i’m still stuck with no idea how to proceed. Emz? anyone?

  9. Mona says:

    just finished it in another site

    great game

    circle is Show

  10. Emz says:

    thanks so much!! I was starting to get really distressed lol

  11. shir says:

    thanx, but where is the code?

  12. Erin says:

    is anyone else getting service temporarily unavailable because of the stupid server????

  13. Emz says:

    wait i cant find it where abouts?

  14. Emz says:

    oh right i get it, wheres the Show

  15. shir says:


  16. jem says:

    im stuck with the red circle too

  17. shir says:

    now i have

    a coin and a hammer

    still no circle and no code

  18. shir says:

    made a swan out of the green paper !

  19. Mona says:

    did u get the coin?

  20. shir says:

    yes, mona. but what do i do with it? and where can i find the code for the cabinet?

  21. Mona says:

    for the coin Show

  22. Emz says:

    what coin?

  23. Sven says:

    Im stuck, what to do with the shadow above the sofa?

  24. Emz says:

    oh wheres the Show

  25. Sven says:

    Never mind. I got it.

  26. Emz says:

    man im so crap at this, im like at the begining and im already stuck!

  27. Erin says:

    the plank


  28. shir says:

    what shadow, Sven?
    how do i find the switch connected to the swan?

  29. shir says:


  30. Erin says:



  31. kirode says:

    AAAAAARRRRGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the game wont load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Emz says:

    its one of those games where you wait for ages then it loads in like a second. Or just click on the link acouple of times.

  33. shir says:


  34. kirode says:


  35. Emz says:

    lol i cant find anything

  36. Emz says:

    Whats the Show

  37. Martin says:

    found the first keyShow

  38. Emz says:

    omg thnx so much!! i had no idea what that was for.

  39. shir says:

    the code for the right cabinet (found at last):

  40. Mona says:

    u don’t have to load it in english
    don’t remember having a language problem
    it loads faster

  41. shir says:

    Omz, had you payed any attantion, i said that at comment no. 14 (:

  42. Emz says:

    what is the Show

  43. kirode says:

    I give up, game never loads

  44. Martin says:

    I still havent found the red disck any clues

  45. Emz says:

    mmm not that good a game if i may say so myself, but mainly cuz i have no idea what to do and i like the games that when you click on things a sentence comes up and some hint to what ur meant to do so u think about what it means rather than click everywhere

  46. Emz says:

    me neither but i know its in the locked cabinate from Mona

  47. shir says:


    that was a fun and lovely game.

  48. jack says:

    can somebody tell me where is [spoiler]the square puzzle[spoiler]?

  49. Emz says:

    well ive given up in this game……bye bye

  50. Mona says:


    I will post a walkthrough it might take a while