Escapando 2

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Escapando 2Escapando 2 is a new Room Escape game created by Derek Bakera. You find yourself trapped in a room with green walls and you have no idea what you are doing here! Look around for some items, use them in the right place, solve puzzle and eventually escape from Escapando 2 Room! Have fun!

Update:Escapando 2 walkthrough in comment #14 (thanks nitrox!)

By Eric

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22 Comments to Escapando 2

  1. laughingpoodle says:

    Easy-Peasy…but the ending startled me!!!! :o)

  2. mad says:

    so easy!

  3. rosita says:

    first 1 i did by myself with no help!!!easy !

  4. M.E. says:

    I can’t plug the cord into the wall. and where is the code to the safe?

    Brain dead today I guess! LOL

  5. M.E. says:

    nvm, found it! and finished!

  6. shaz says:

    i had to get code from,and got out with out getting fourth ball or opening the fridge cause i couldnt work out how to open it,i had a key it wouldnt work.if some one can tell me how might retry it cause thats the only bit i didnt do

  7. shaz says:

    ok having played this on another site,tried here and got fridge open,so think game on other site was bit buggy and had no probs playing it here.

  8. Jeff says:

    4th ball, where?????? AGH!

  9. Jeff says:

    Wait, got it. Now for the 4 numbers…. ??????

  10. Jeff says:

    Wait, got it. Startled at the end. :P

  11. Savari says:

    The 4th ball is

  12. goldlox57 says:

    kool Ending was a bit of a startle. lol. but first I have done without any help as well. as you said easy peasy Laughingpoodle

  13. Emz says:

    WOW!! I’m normally really bad at these games and almost always need a walkthrough and I found this game really easy! lol

  14. nitrox says:

    well this was a super simple game. if u really need the walkthrough (you shouldnt) here it is

  15. aa60 says:

    Im SO dim…….lol
    I needed lots of help!!!!
    Thanks everyone……..X

  16. kasmine says:

    HAHS! Very easy game ;D I got shocked at the ending when the “GHOST” went shouting at me…

  17. Brazilian_Girl says:


    OMG! WHEEEEERE?!?! LOL! I have clicked all over it and I cant find it!

  18. Brazilian_Girl says:


  19. Divez says:

    phuh… i.. i didnt expect the ending part… phuh… it really scared me!!

  20. Hokubella says:

    icouldn find the forf bawl ;(

  21. dd says:



  22. dede says:

    MAN!!!!! Show