Ragdoll Cannon

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Ragdoll CannonRagdoll CannonRagdoll Cannon is a fun physics-based action puzzle game created by Johnny K in which your goal is to shoot the ragdoll man from the cannon and make him hit the “Here” Button to activate the next level option.

Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot.

Ragdoll Cannon features 20 levels of increasing difficulty. Overall, Ragdoll Cannon is a very nice and fun physics-based game, and a sequel would me more than welcome!

Have fun!

Play Ragdoll with 25 levels at Play4all!

Update: Ragdoll Cannon walkthrough in comment #11 (thanks dudez!)

By Eric

current rating 4.50


54 Comments to Ragdoll Cannon

  1. WOOT. says:

    Where is the walkthrough?

  2. nick says:

    did 25 lvl version with 152 shots

  3. Galygo says:

    Can’t beat level 24

  4. Galygo says:

    Never mind

  5. ATM EFD says:

    i cant get past level 24

  6. Zephyr says:

    i can’t get past 24 either

  7. tha dude says:

    dude i can’t even pass lvl10 :S aaaaaaaaaah
    can somewone help me???

  8. robphreak says:

    24 Is tough. There is a spot top left that you have to keep firing at. The top is open. One will eventually be hit then go back. It took me a long while

  9. R-O-B-TJE says:

    @robtreak thx m8 for the tip on lvl 24!!



  10. fiddle and herman says:

    level 25 is easy what you do is


    gd luck

  11. dudez says:

    How to get a low score, this takes time for some so reset if you screw up try and get 1 for each.

  12. fattywads says:

    yeah 25 is easy compared to 24. I dont understand the high score tables, a bunch of people won in 21 shots even though there is 25 levels and it takes at least two to beat some….

  13. fiddle and herman says:

    level 10 is tough here’s how i did it


  14. jimmy says:


  15. fierceandsassy says:

    level three anyone? help?

  16. Saint says:

    Mission 9: Aim at the letter “m” in mono and you’ll get it.

  17. someone says:

    can someone give me the level key for level 21?

  18. Fundabolt says:

    sorry dudez but your walkthrough works for all of the levels except 10 i have tried a million times but i still cannot get it in one shot i dont think that its even possible

  19. Cruciatum says:

    25 was one of the easiest levels in the game! :S

    Just hit the tonne ball, then let it roll all the way down, it pushes the box near your cannon, then do a very soft shoot into the gap in the small boxes next to you.


  20. Jimmy says:

    how do you beat level 12?

  21. oz says:

    1 shot for Mission 21


  22. danny isaac says:

    i done all of them in 60 moves how do they do it in 21 moves lol :P

  23. Ben Low says:

    the key for level 20 is qtek

  24. necro says:

    thx fiddle and herman i was stuck on lvl 10 and with ur help i passed thx m8

  25. necro says:

    how do u past lvl 20 anyone plz help =]

  26. necro says:

    dont worry i figured it out =]

  27. lolgirl607 says:

    how do u do lvl 12

  28. fiddle and herman says:

    no probs necro

  29. fiddle and herman says:

    here are all the passwords for ragdoll


    If there are any mistakes, then please tell me, however i think i have them all right. hope these help!

  30. fiddle and herman says:

    level 12 goes roughly like this i think


  31. Jamie says:

    im stuck on lvl 20 can anyone help please

  32. huey says:

    10 is easy whys every1 complaining it took me 3 shots just shoot the smiley face really hard until the HERE sign comes out then hit it

  33. joseph says:

    I cant get pass level 4

  34. fiddle and herman says:

    for me in level 4


  35. mitch says:

    iv’e done it in 21 the reason theres score 21 because they dont play with the five extra levels iv done in 26 with the five extra levels it’s not hard when you play it lots

  36. Buster12 says:

    Complete Ragdoll Cannon Walkthrough

    How to score low for all levels; with level passwords.
    1 shot for each level (except level 20 – 2 shots required)

    Took a little while, but I’ve worked out how to beat each level.

  37. Andre says:

    can anybody show me a video of passing lvl 24 or something

  38. greg says:

    andre lvl 24 is pretty much impossible so in the box whe4er it says KEY LEVEL type in cmog to skip straight to lvl 25 so you dont have to worry about lvl 24 cause it gets really frustraiting

  39. greg says:

    and i tell you a really addicting level that i play over and over again well lvl 21 (key errr) then theres lvl 19 (key chui) there both really addicting to me …. O.O”

  40. ragdoll masta says:

    how do i get past level 7

  41. Descolada says:

    You can get ten, if you fire hard enough the ragdolls leg will get caught and he’ll swing around and smack the here box

  42. sam says:

    i got 22 on the ragdoll not full version 1 away from highscores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. jdklf says:

    beat it all i one shot

  44. The Robster says:

    hah on level 25 I already had a man accidentaly in place so I was really confused when I won

  45. markXXX says:

    im stuck on level 70 omg hard as

  46. cody says:

    what are the passwords?

  47. Dana xXx says:

    im stuck on level 4 plzzz help i completed the remake in 50 shots…

  48. cjr says:

    level 20 is unbeatable

  49. sam says:

    hello tell me 25s level key

  50. timothy says:

    its soooooooooooo cooooollllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!