Automaton – Episode 2

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Automaton 2Automaton 2After a wait of more than a year, Automaton – Episode 2 is live!

All I can say is that this third installment (there was an introduction before the first episode) in the series created by Littlenorvegians is very short, though I have to admit I used the TAB key a lot (as suggested by the author!).

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait until next year for the next installment!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


38 Comments to Automaton – Episode 2

  1. Me Me and Me says:

    First ???

  2. Me Me and Me says:

    Out !
    It is an easy one… but nice anyway.

  3. Martin says:


  4. Martin says:

    and second

  5. Sandra says:

    Congratulations Martin, you have won a dryer *lol*

  6. Martin says:

    lol…c’mon down! Actually, it’s going to rain here in Perth so it could come in handy

  7. Sandra says:

    I have nothing to do in the office, so time enough to be a little silly….lol

  8. tomewa says:

    can’t find the clock

  9. tomewa says:

    find it.

  10. David says:

    stuck on roof. Please help

  11. Drew says:

    what do you do in the first room?

  12. Jerre says:


  13. hi peoplz says:

    how do u pass the part after the roof

  14. isabel says:

    Gee! After the bomb everything turned black!!! ??? wHAT’S NEXT?

  15. Jerre says:

    after the roof

  16. laughingpoodle says:


  17. jimmy boi says:

    Whats the code for the keypad?

  18. Ben says:


    But I’m not sure why. Bruteforced it.

    • Onulaibar says:

      Why the keypad has these numbers:

  19. David says:

    need help with roof please

  20. Neo says:

    Yeah, I don’t get why the code for the ladder was (see spoiler #18) either. I remember seeing the fraction 1/3 earlier, but that didn’t seem to have any use.

  21. goldilox says:

    Any one still on?. how do you get off the roof? I have 2 rungs from ladder and the blue and red wires from power supply box. can’t seem to figure out where to use them.

  22. goldilox says:

    nvm got it :”)

  23. David says:

    isn’t there anyone willing to help me?

  24. Tenari says:

    I can’t get pass the roof.

  25. Will says:

    How do you get past the huge monster /drainpipe stage ?

  26. Meme says:

    Someone Make A WalkThru!

  27. AJFLhscshksaflisah says:


  28. ally says:

    Help! I cant do anything on the roof! =(
    Please send help! HEEEEELP!!!

  29. BERT says:

    Use your spraycan on de left of the red thingy, it will fill with water. Then spray it on the robots left arm. Then click on the drainpipe on the right. Then click on the robots head. And voila! next stage

  30. BERT says:

    And you need to click on the red thingy to when you sprayed the robots arm

  31. Kid says:

    for the roof you have to use the rung of the ladder with the other house then pick up the other rung out of the nest and use it the building you are standing on then use the blue wire with the two rungs and walk across.

    stupid huh

  32. Kara [pronounced Car-uh} says:

    The code for the keypad is Show

  33. Gabby says:

    Nice game. i timed myself, done in ten minutes, cuz I had to stop to go to use the loo {you americans call it the “the restroom” I suppose}.

  34. Paul says:

    anyone got a walkthrough?

  35. ben says:


  36. yey end says:

    clock is behind the safe

  37. evil e says:

    in your bag there are two wooden sticks. place the one at the left corner on the right roof and the other at the right corner of the left roof, then take the blue wire that connects the two wooden sticks. now you can walk further :)