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HaluzHaluzHaluz is a new very beautiful Point’n’Click adventure game, with the same unique atmosphere created by the author of the Samorost series.

Haluz is in fact highly similar in appearance with Samorost: the little hero and his surreal universe, the rocket used to chase the alien (here a large green bird), everything look familiar!

That being said, Haluz has its own story and its own puzzles to solve; not really tricky, but a bit harder than in Wogger, another Samorost-like reviewed a few weeks ago. If you enjoyed playing Samorost and/or Wogger, you will enjoy this one.

Have fun!

Update: I sent an email to the author, and here is his answer.

“My name is Tomas, I am 27 and I live in Slovakia. I wrote this game just for fun and in my free-time, it took me about 7 months:)
The reason why I made this game was that after playing Samorost I was so inspired that I had to make something similar:):)
I have a lot of photos from nature and this was the way how to use them in a funy way…
For all people that would like to know what Haluz means: it is a tree-branch in Slovak language, but it also means something weird, dream-like and funny (from the word “halucination”).”

Thanks Tomas for this great work!

Update: Haluz walkthrough in comment #3 

By Eric

current rating 3.80


70 Comments to Haluz

  1. Coz says:

    Ok some1 plzzzz help me ive got out the snake and i have no idea what to do next the only things i can do are move the stupid bird to flowers make the thing with the long beak fart , jump on the snakes tounge and attempt to click something weird hiding behind a rock in the corner!! :S:S:S:S:S :(

  2. jnbj says:

    ya i like who ever created these games i know he created wogger samorost and many many more but my favorite is samorost ;)

  3. Ben says:

    ha i just beat it it was so much fun i think i can play pricallia gone missing its a good game

  4. Ben says:

    ha i just beat it it was so much fun i think i can play pricallia gone missing its a good game

  5. TaRa says:

    The alien won’t leave his house! wut do I do??

  6. D-BorG says:

    whats with the dude thats farting any leads?

  7. Chris says:

    For the guy who won’t go in the restroom, Show

  8. nean says:

    nice game.not so easy as it seems but cool.

  9. goldilox says:

    Hey .. Can anyone tell me what to do once you get on the snail’s head where the french horn is?… pretty please?.

  10. goldilox says:

    thanks nvm I got it :)

  11. Martina says:

    What fun this was!! I wish it were longer…:)

  12. Paul says:

    can’t find the fishing pole in Part 3. there looks like something that looks like one by a bird on the lower right but when i put my mouse over it it won’t click no matter where i put the mouse. the only thing that does is the bird who passes gas. any ideas?

  13. Lee says:

    I can’t attach the ruler to the spoon. I know it’s supposed to go ‘to the left’ of the atennae on the dish but I’ve trived everywhere and it just won’t attach!!

  14. Pammiepooh says:

    Wht makes the little thing dressed in red go to the bathroom? I’ve clicked on the spinning thingy and the lights went out, I’ve gotten shooed but the red thing never goes to the bathroom. I need help.

  15. michellfoo19 says:

    i need help on the level 2, pls someone thanks!

  16. michellfoo19 says:

    i finally got it!

  17. michellfoo19 says:

    a very nice but short game, part 2 is better and more fun!

  18. anonumus says:

    i cant play it cause right now my PC wont work :(

  19. Dinny Tomlinson says:

    Please help with Part 3. Nothing happens when I touch the fishing rod. Any ideas!!!

  20. overlord says:

    hint on level most of u are stuck on:ignore everything and go up to the horn!

    im stuck where i have to do something with a feather