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HaluzHaluzHaluz is a new very beautiful Point’n’Click adventure game, with the same unique atmosphere created by the author of the Samorost series.

Haluz is in fact highly similar in appearance with Samorost: the little hero and his surreal universe, the rocket used to chase the alien (here a large green bird), everything look familiar!

That being said, Haluz has its own story and its own puzzles to solve; not really tricky, but a bit harder than in Wogger, another Samorost-like reviewed a few weeks ago. If you enjoyed playing Samorost and/or Wogger, you will enjoy this one.

Have fun!

Update: I sent an email to the author, and here is his answer.

“My name is Tomas, I am 27 and I live in Slovakia. I wrote this game just for fun and in my free-time, it took me about 7 months:)
The reason why I made this game was that after playing Samorost I was so inspired that I had to make something similar:):)
I have a lot of photos from nature and this was the way how to use them in a funy way…
For all people that would like to know what Haluz means: it is a tree-branch in Slovak language, but it also means something weird, dream-like and funny (from the word “halucination”).”

Thanks Tomas for this great work!

Update: Haluz walkthrough in comment #3 

By Eric

current rating 3.80


70 Comments to Haluz

  1. lucrecia says:

    I’m stucked in the tree, somebody help pls

  2. lucrecia says:

    ok i did it

  3. Eric says:

    Lucrecia – not so difficult! Anyway, if your stuck, here is a complete walkthrough for Haluz:





  4. fergz says:

    i cant click the top right hole on the final part!! its really annoying me

  5. fergz says:

    can anyone help????

  6. Eric says:

    Fergz – Wait for the character. You should see him in the hole before clicking the top right hole.

  7. sid says:

    The ruler just keep popping back to the nest… what am i doing wrong???

  8. Dicky says:

    wt do i do with the cheese i dont understand that part of the walkthru wer do i take the cheese rrrr

  9. Pinkjil says:

    Put the cheese inthe topmost of the 2 holes on the right.The rest happens automatically

  10. ORLY says:

    The guy wont leave his house in the tree

  11. ds says:

    topmost of the 2 holes on the right? help? this seems silly

  12. ds says:

    never mind i’ve done it now

  13. Ryab says:

    where exactly are these stupid holes for the cheese?

  14. Ryan says:

    i put the cheese every where

  15. Ryan says:

    where exactly are the holes for the cheese?

  16. Lord Greevon says:


  17. jon says:

    sid- drag it so the middle of the ruler goes a little to the left of the antenna.

  18. KX GammEr KX says:

    Howcome after i complete the first level the Game Box goes Black???

    :S :S

  19. Eric says:

    KX GammEr – It looks like you had a pb with your internet connexion…

  20. dsfgdg says:

    how come after the first level it goes blank

  21. Kyle says:

    How can I fix the game if it goes black after the first level?

  22. Kyle says:

    nevermind, it didnt work on http://www.addictinggames.com, it worked on the link from this site

  23. Eric says:

    dsfgdg – Kyle. It works fine for me with Firefox. Empty your browser cache (use Ctrl+F5) and restart the game. If you’re using IE, consider installing Firefox on your computer as a plan B ;)

  24. zlatko says:

    hey im stuck under the trumpet thing were the conveyer belt and the snake is what do i do?

  25. zlatko says:

    nice game by the way eric two thumbs up

  26. SkinRock says:

    zlatko, these are the instructions from scene number 3:


    And it’s Tomas’ game, not Eric’s ;)

  27. katie says:

    i cant put the ruler on how doi do it? and where do i put it

  28. adam says:

    umm the mushroom one eyed alien type guy wont leave is house, i pulled his little windmill thing but he never leaves hi house to go to thebathroom or what ever.

  29. michelle says:

    i have the same problem as adam…i keep pulling the little windmill thingy but he just goes back inside his house….its so frustrsting..plz help!!!

  30. John says:

    For you with problems with the cheese: On the tree where the bird is sitting, there is two black holes, pointing towards the characters house. Put the cheese in the upper one ;)

  31. Bink says:

    How do you get past the next scene after the i’m out of the monster’s stomach. I’ve started that fire. now i can’t leave that scene.

  32. Johnny says:

    hello why won’t the guy leave his house i clicked the windmill thing like a million times and he won’t go to the bathroom, it’s really aggravating plz help me with this someone!

  33. JJ says:

    for the guy not leaving his house… just click ONCE and wait it takes time and patience obiously what you people are lacking

  34. missy55 says:

    I have patience for the alien in the house but should it take more than 5 mins?

  35. Eric says:

    Missy 55 – Nope, just a few secs…

  36. missy55 says:

    Thanks Eric, I don’t know what I am doing wrong!

  37. michelle says:

    well i left it for 7 minutes after clicking the windmill thingy and STILL NOTHING!!!!!!! arggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

  38. michelle says:

    yay!! i got it …u need to attach the noose onto ur ship first!!! DUHH!!lol

  39. jojo says:

    I don’t get it, I clicked the little guy but he won’t get in the airplane what have I missed? I put the ruler on the spoon, and the dish antenna in the spoon, and the screw/nail in the ruler!

  40. Crazygamer says:

    hey um i can’t go to level 2. Maybe its jst me. i think ill go back to plating hapland 3….

  41. megann !! says:

    umm.. i got past the level 1…. but once i go to level 2, the screen turns black.. is it just my computer? ughhh.. so confusing. please reply back and tell me wtf i am doing wrong or something. haha.


  42. charlotte says:

    i’m on the 4th level (i think) where there is a weird plant that keeps eating butterflies. I’ve put the spoon on the branch, the satellite dish in the spoon and one of the razor blades on the other end. I’ve still got one more razor blade, a kind of screw / bit of metal and a ruler. I can’t seem to do anything with them – help!

    Also, someone says they have put the ruler on the spoon – how have they done that? I didn’t think you could get anything wrong on this game?

  43. Eric says:

    Charlotte – drag the second razor blade next to the first one. The ruler is used as wings for the plane (sort of) you’re trying to build. Think about it and drag it onto the spoon in a logical way left to the dish antenna. Then drag the screw onto the ruler to attach it!

  44. Tony-G says:

    thanks michelle i got it for the ship attaching thing
    thanksa lot

  45. Mikala Lynne says:

    Ok So I’ve been waiting forever for the alien guy to go into the bathroom, and it’s not happening.

  46. John says:

    Before you wait for the guy to go to the bathroom you have to attach the red rope at the bottom of the tree to the ship. Then he will go to the bathroom.

  47. Cookkieee says:

    Excuse me. I have a problem on LVL 3 im in the snakes stomech and i attached the broken tape and played it. But then i couldent click anything. Then i didnt know where to put it i dont know wheres the NAIL!

  48. bandnerd4life says:

    okay not to sound like too much of a band nerd…but that’s not a tuba…it’s a french horn.

  49. katy says:

    i can’t find the tape, can turn music on but no tape!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  50. DaDewd says:

    I FREAKIN BEAT IT! THIS IS A PRETTY COOL GAME! I did use some tutorial for trying to get the snake to do anything but go up and for making the plane at the very end. Thanks, eric. Oh, and the music 4 the part with the vulture (“My Biosphere”) is really cool.