Daymare Town 2

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Daymare Town 2Daymare Town 2Good news for all Mateusz Skutnik’s games today, Daymare Town 2 is live!

“Can you escape the nightmare of a day…again?… In this game we return to the oddities of the daymare town. Meet more characters, solve puzzles, try to get out… if you dare…”

This second episode includes a high scores table, so look for coins and grab them all! Don’t forget to check out the first episode in case you miss it!

Have fun!

Daymare Town 2 walkthroughs here and there
(thanks pOlo and Emina!)

By Eric

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56 Comments to Daymare Town 2

  1. FiestyGal says:

    I love this game. The background sound is just creepy enough and I like all the little “surprises”, such as the people you click on and they just run. Seriously one of my favorite flash games.

    Thanks for the walkthrough help! I needed to peek a few times. :D

  2. L. Lawliet says:

    … am i supposed to finish with 57 coins?

  3. L. Lawliet says:

    :D ?

  4. koko says:

    I gave the fish medailon e o to the giant, he has it in his hand and it is not clickable, but there is no egg – it is my last one, what to do? I have: pearmain, knife, baloon, 20 coins…