Daymare Town 2

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Daymare Town 2Daymare Town 2Good news for all Mateusz Skutnik’s games today, Daymare Town 2 is live!

“Can you escape the nightmare of a day…again?… In this game we return to the oddities of the daymare town. Meet more characters, solve puzzles, try to get out… if you dare…”

This second episode includes a high scores table, so look for coins and grab them all! Don’t forget to check out the first episode in case you miss it!

Have fun!

Daymare Town 2 walkthroughs here and there
(thanks pOlo and Emina!)

By Eric

current rating 4.77


56 Comments to Daymare Town 2

  1. gav says:


  2. tat says:

    Gav, finished???? I’m stuck, only been able to open the hole and visit the town, got some coins….and this is it. Could u help me?

  3. pOlo says:

    got 4 eggs for the museum..missing 2 now

  4. pOlo says:

    ok now only one left…

  5. tat says:

    which museum????

  6. Deniz says:

    I have 8 coins, but what egg and what museum?

  7. pOlo says:

    did you already combined the stone with the string and but it on the lever to the far right to open the gate?

  8. Deniz says:

    you have to light a big man’s cigarette
    when you first came to the town, turn to right and when you see black boy, you have to click upper part, you’ll see big man

  9. Deniz says:

    but I cannot light still, any ideas?

  10. pOlo says:

    you can. give the lighter to his hand. you have to try it a few times

  11. Deniz says:

    thank you soo muchh

  12. Deniz says:

    what we have to do with this clock? it is a bit crazy

  13. pOlo says:

    yaaay out…the clock is useless

  14. pOlo says:

    take worm of beef and give it to black guy who is fishing .. that’s one egg

  15. S says:

    I still need the seventh egg. I have the apple (“pearmain”), balloon, knife, and some coins left.

  16. Deniz says:

    what is this medallion?

  17. Deniz says:

    stuck with medallion, cheese slices, apple, key, coins, blade, flower and pamphlet. Aagh what should I do now? Only two eggs.

  18. Deniz says:

    now I have a balloon

  19. gargi says:

    collected four eggs, ….but dunno what to do with fish ,cheese, loaf,ballon and the last key.

  20. dark9light says:

    The museum is missing eggs and a balloon thing. I’ve started to buy thing and spread them around


  21. pOlo says:



  22. dark9light says:


  23. Deniz says:

    wow we have to give the golden key to the guardian andd we will have 4 keys, great

  24. Deniz says:

    congratulations pOlo

  25. gargi says:

    wow finished! Thanks pOlo for the balloon part.

  26. gargi says:

    hey one thing, if u give the sick aristocratic man the painkiller u will get ten coins. but the guy in the tenement house will not give u anything.

    • captain wafer says:

      I’m pretty sure I got 16 coins from him, but that may just have been my total after collecting all of them…I like that guy. He was nice :)

  27. nitrox says:

    wow awsome game… beat it w/o walkthrough and ended with 20 coins!!! but on the scores some people finished with 40 coins. not sure how that works since i used up some of them to finish the game.

  28. nitrox says:

    guy w/ arsenic… wt bout him? i got nothing from him… i tried using arsenic on the guy in the cherry embassy but i couldnt… one more thing, when you place the mouse on the chalk it turns clickable… any luck with that anyone?

  29. aa60 says:

    Thanks to you pOlo I escaped with 4 coins spare……..You are SO clever!!…..I really needed all your walkthrough to get through it……A really good game, I had a great time……..X

  30. Reka says:

    Out with 25 coins. I think polo’s walkthrough, while helpful, was premature: for example, if you give the painkiller to Show

    I’m pretty sure there are other such choices – basically, if you give something to someone and don’t get anything in return, there’s probably a better option.

  31. bully says:

    guys…where is the big guy who need a lighter :(:(:(:(
    I see the small black boy but not any big guy with an open hand!

  32. Neo says:

    Woohoo! I left with 21 coins, but that’s not what I’m getting at. I’ve also left with one key on the keyring/chain thing, what’s it for?

  33. NetMonster says:

    What’s up with the guy at the cherry embassy, I wonder? And the markings on the wall, you could zoom in on two of them…

  34. Emina says:

    Daymare Town 2 Walkthrough:
    I wont tell you where the coins are .. try to collect them on your own!

    *City Gate/Outskirts

    *Fisherman Alley

    *Butcher’s Market

    *Aristocrat’s House (building on the right)



    *Wall Street


    *Wall Street alley (next to Pharmacy)

    *Tenement House (building on the right)

    *End of Wall Street (wall in the middle of the screen, in the distance)

    *Aqueduct (right from City Gate, also accessible on the left from Butcher’s Market)

    *Forbidden District

    *Fisherman Alley


    *Fog Haven


    *Forbidden District

    *Wall Street

  35. m says:

    This game is faboulus & so great, that I can’t say!!!!!!

  36. nitrox says:

    new update on the scores. best one is 43 coins. either we are missing a bunch of coins, or you can beat the game somehow w/o using (if any) coins. third scenario is that you can use all of the items to get even more coins like the Show


  37. Reka says:

    Emina: whoops, you should have used spoiler tags. Eric, can you help us out?

  38. BoomBoxer says:

    ended wit onli 17coins. haha. did it w/o walkthrough, sorta, onli nid it for the thirsty part cos i din bother to clik the window xD

  39. Thesmothete says:

    Cannot figure out what do to productively with the arsenic. Nor anything worthwhile to do in the cherry embassy. Cannot figure out what makes the guy in the Cherry embassy go to the corner or come out. Cannot figure out what’s up with the chalk, either.

    Have been able to acquire 36 coins plus the arsenic and still get out.

  40. akon says:

    whoo hoo finished with 36 coins. Last time it was only 22…wtg me lol…brilliant game!!

  41. nitrox says:

    omg i just found out something freaky. i gave the Show

    though i dont think this is the right way to go since i got no coins at all.

  42. awan_kelabu says:

    I Show

    thought of making it easier of him to let go… lol.

  43. Thesmothete says:

    Ok, I found 40 coins now, without buying the arsenic (including the one you have to grab at the end).

  44. bryce says:

    woot finished with 34 coins

  45. alfred says:

    i can only finish with 40 coins.. how do i get 41 coins ??

  46. Snowman says:

    I finished, but unfortunately with only 6 coins. :( Oh well, I made it. :)

  47. Snowman says:

    Here is half of a walkthrough. Hope you enjoy!
    City Gate: Show

    Outskirts: Show

    Middle of Nowhere: Show

    Fisherman Alley: Show

    Butcher’s Market: Show

    Museum: Show

    Butcher’s Market: Show

    Wall Street: Show

    Wall Street Alley: Show

    Wall Street: Show

    Butcher’s Market: Show

    Aristocrat’s House: Show

    Butcher’s Market: Show

    Wall Street: Show

    Tenement House: Show

    Now go Show

    Fisherman Alley: Show

    Fog Haven: Show

    Museum: Show

    City Gate: Show

    Hints: Show





  48. Mary says:

    hey, I finished the Game with 33 coins.I’ll write a full walkthrough with the coin places soon.
    Does anyone know what’s with the cherry ambassy GUY?(HE IS A GUY!!)

  49. Angel says:

    what happens when u take the small fish from the fisherman on accident? how do i get the next madallion or whatever?

  50. Jonathan says:

    I finished the game with only 11 coins! I need ALOT of practice!!! :(