Pirate Cat Adventure

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Pirate Cat AdventurePirate Cat AdventurePirate Cat Adventure is a new Japanese Point’n’Click Adventure game that looks pretty REALLY interesting. Unfortunately, the game is all written in Japanese and the language barrier doesn’t help!

All I can say so far is that the TAB key is your friend in this one and there are MANY items to collect!

Is there any chance someone here can read Japanese and give us a bit of assistance?

Have fun!

Update: Pirate Cat Adventure walkthrough in comment #63 (thanks Rock!)

By Eric

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79 Comments to Pirate Cat Adventure

  1. Ereeser says:


  2. moniek says:

    second haha

  3. m says:


  4. Ana says:

    i have a lot of stuff but have absolutely no idea what to do with it, anybody read japanese?

  5. m says:

    I have the same…it’s stupid….

  6. bob says:

    i can read japanese

  7. Stevenhurd says:

    as someone the code for the card???

  8. Rock says:

    code for card


  9. Tasha says:

    got a flashlight for the coin, and put the fish tank on the desk where i broke the flower pot….hmmm gotta go. good luck everyone :) at least im getting thru it even with the language…

  10. Stevenhurd says:

    you can also Show

  11. Stevenhurd says:

    and Show

  12. jimmy boi says:


  13. Mickey says:

    Anybody found the hangglider??? Please tell me where it is and…. how to get the second axe for the statue in de temple???

  14. Rock says:



  15. Ana says:


  16. Mickey says:

    Rock, thanks… have been trying for ever to get the axes…
    thanks…. now i can go a bit further.

  17. jimmy boi says:

    Ok i have a sword pickel jar magizine marker ladder firecrakers matches flashlight
    worm cross bow (and arrows) gloves and box (its locked) And now i’m stuck

  18. Ana says:

    i went fishing and i got an octopus, what do i do with it!!!

  19. Rock says:


    there is a whole long thread going on right now.. no one is finished as far as i know! lol this is a LOOOOONG one

  20. jimmy boi says:

    Were do u get the Bettle?

  21. Mickey says:

    octopus: Show

  22. Mickey says:

    beetle: Show

  23. jimmy boi says:

    thanks mickey, Now i got a second coin

  24. Rock says:

    btw tab works in this game

  25. Rock says:

    second coin? do you mean orange ball?

  26. Mickey says:

    I’m missing 1 item, i think it;s the key to the box.
    I have only the following items to select: sword, pen, flashlight, glider, piece of meat, sort of cat mask, locked box, a ball on a chain and got 5 cat coins.
    Anybody gotten further… been to the island but… can’t get past gate with text i can’t read

  27. jimmy boi says:

    Yeah the orange cat ball thing

  28. Mickey says:

    I think we alle mean the orange balls with the catimage!

  29. jimmy boi says:

    Btw how do you get the octopus?

  30. Mickey says:

    You’ll have to have the fishing rod with a green worm (above scared lady) attached then go to spot before ship and click the sea

  31. jimmy boi says:


  32. Rock says:



  33. Rock says:



  34. Mickey says:

    aha, going to try!!!!

  35. Mickey says:

    okay… but now i’m really lost???
    Going to try everything everywhere
    I did manage to flip the statues in and by the cave

  36. Rock says:


    i am going to give a few hints



    if i am still around after you get that done.. i will try and help you out more :)

  37. Mickey says:

    just been there, but now don’t know what to do anymore

  38. Camila says:

    how do I fish? I need another worm?

  39. anonymouse says:

    Anybody know what to do with the bird?
    How do you put the octopus in the fish tank?

  40. Rock says:



  41. Mickey says:

    I’m in the cave now and don’t know which images i should get for left and right??
    When i played the scene with the tv my telephone rang so i mist the clues i think.

  42. Mickey says:

    for octopus see post 21

  43. Camila says:

    how far do I go into the see to fish the octopus?

  44. Rock says:





  45. blm says:

    how i get back from the castle?i can t fly with the paper anymore.

  46. Rock says:

    k going to take off now. good luck everyone!

  47. Camila says:

    sorry, into the sea. I´m still trying to fish the octopus… =( I don´t know how

  48. Mickey says:

    Hai Rock,

    Thanks for the help…. I didn’t notice that i could go further then the place of the signs and buttons…..
    Thx for all the help!!!
    I’m out now just in time because i’ve got an appointment.
    It was a great game!!

  49. Mickey says:

    Camila, do you have one of the worms from the tree above the lady in the park?
    Select rod, show item, the select worm and then click the hook.
    Then go to the sea and fish.

    Don’t forget to get an other worm after this…. you’ll need it later!!!!!!!!

    BLM: when you are outside then select the glider and yoú’ll get a down arrow.

    I’m off now…. good luck everyone.

  50. Camila says:

    Mickey, I already did all these things, I´m in the sea at this moment, but I can´t fish… I don´t know what is going on… I selected the fish road, but nothing happens… I must be forgeting something that I don´t know what is…