Nano War

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Nano WarNano WarNano War is a RTS/action game created by Benoit Freslon. Nano War is a remake of Galcon, a strategy game developed by Phil Hassey, which is itself a remake of an old 80s game called Galactic Conquest.

Your goal here is to annihilate your enemies: you play the red side and the AI plays the green.

To attack an enemy cell, click one of your cells and then click the targeted cell: half of your cell’s units are sent to their new destination. If their number is higher than the enemy units, the cell turns red! That’s it. Invade grey cells first, they are neutral and static.

The current version of Nano War features 12 levels (this game is just a prototype according to the author): the first few levels are pretty easy, but things become much more exciting and challenging after level 7!

Have fun!

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By Eric

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24 Comments to Nano War

  1. joe says:

    be nice if the game would load…. just hang at the end

  2. Savari says:

    Hm, I’m having the same problem in all my web browsers…

  3. Eric says:

    @ joe, Savari – I’ve just updated the link. It should work now.

  4. Snowman says:

    Um… it’s going very slowly for me. Just my machine, just the game… some way to fix the problem?

  5. Crobus says:

    Great game! however, somewhat slow… If this is the prototype, I would like to suggest to increase the difficulty less tremendously… The levels 8+ are clearly a pain…

  6. joe says:

    Thx for the fix! great game, beat it too quickly though :(

    want more levels!

  7. bob says:

    hmm obviously im missing something b/c im stuck on level two? can someone give some hints?

  8. bob says:

    haha sry nvm.. figured it out. i didnt read the instructions carefully =P
    currently working my way through level 5

  9. Kleenix says:

    I agree, the levels 8 and beyond are really difficult compared to the levels just prior. Maybe I’m just lame at this. :P

  10. lianski says:

    just finished lvl 12 :)
    the key for the upper levels is to act really fast and attack with all forces the opposite cells one by one. another trick is to

    hope this helps :P

  11. Andy says:

    Cool game. I would love to see epic full screen battles, if that was possible. Maybe levels with mini challenges involved? The harder levels are actually pretty easy, you just have to change your tactics when you get stumped. Once you get it, you’ll wish they were harder.

  12. Savari says:

    This was actually a surprisingly fun little game. I can’t wait until more levels come out. Like lianski said, in the later levels, you can’t really wait around to build up your numbers. You have to go out and try to take over enemy quickly, because they already outnumber you and have the better positions. I would love to see PvP introduced to the game. :-)

  13. Crobus says:

    moooorrree leeeevvvvvveeelllllsss………..

  14. Andy says:

    Lvl 13 appeared today.

  15. Snowman says:

    OK, I have two things.
    2- Yeah, and I also have my own. Here they are:
    More! More! More! Show

    AMBUSH!!! Show

    You do it. Show

  16. christophe says:

    Very easy for a skilled rts player, i played the game without retrying any level untill level 11 wich i did like 15 times ^^ but lvl 12 was easy again, Very nice game

  17. Crobus says:

    Hi snowman,
    I think you already mentioned the important points for the later levels. For level 11, Show

  18. Snowman says:

    Thanks so much Crobus. Going to try again right now. :)

  19. grahampc says:

    Maybe he changed the AI or something, but even with all your hints, level 11 is impossible.

  20. Crobus says:

    Level 11 is possible! Here is a strategy that works: Show

  21. Kent Mentolado says:

    General strategy for last levels: Show

  22. caprica says:

    i went to the current 14 levels pretty fast. stategy pointers above apply. I guess lvl 11 seems hard is because this is the stage where you have to shift your strategy the most.

    lvl 13: go for the second-largest opponent circle first. much easier to get than the big one , and once you have it, take the largest with mass attacks, there on out its turkey shoot.

    lvl 14 is easy again, but you have to alter strategy again…. collect small points like opponent does, and when you spot his mass attack on the center, mass wave after him to take the center.

  23. Tayeu says:

    Strategy for level 11: Show

  24. leathergloves says:

    SPOILER Show