Gemini Escape

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Gemini EscapeGemini Escape is the third installment in the Japanese Room Escape series “Constellation Escape” created by Maka. Your main goal here is to collect all the blue cards and the red cards hidden in this place. If I’m counting right, there are still 9 more games to come out! Have fun!

By Eric

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38 Comments to Gemini Escape

  1. tusa says:

    anyone playing?

  2. tusa says:

    I’ve found 8 blue cards and I think 4 red cards (not sure as they disappear after getting them). Can’t find any more and I’ve clicked all over the place.

  3. tusa says:

    Okay, found all the cards,
    Now have from cubbies

    I also saw Show

    I thought the password might be Show

  4. tusa says:

    okay, if you turn off the lights and go in the room with the bed

  5. tusa says:

    nevermind finding an L, I just found a Show

  6. tusa says:

    no one seems to be playing, so I guess I’ll try this later.

  7. tusa says:

    nvm- I’m out. the word doesn’t have anything to do with the game, just something to snack on.

  8. amanda says:

    i’ve tried peanuts and every combination of the numbers 5 10 but no luck

  9. a says:

    i found letters pngets in the boxes.
    numbers 10, 2 and 25.

  10. a says:

    the red cards open various locations.
    they vanish once you have found them to open places.

  11. tusa says:

    @ amanda-
    you are right, but you need the word and a number at the end of it

  12. passerby says:


  13. iceberg says:

    red things are


  14. iceberg says:

    blue cards are


    number’s starting from bottom left

  15. sunshine says:

    what light to turn off?

  16. iceberg says:

    blue card

    row 1 col 3 ?

  17. iceberg says:

    blue card

    row 1 col. 5 ?

  18. iceberg says:

    blue card

    row 2 col. 4 ?

  19. iceberg says:

    red thing




  20. iceberg says:

    red thing


    blue card

    row 5 col. 7

  21. iceberg says:

    blue card

    row 1 col. 1

  22. iceberg says:

    red thing


    blue card

    row 2 col. 10

  23. iceberg says:

    blue card

    row 3 col. 8

  24. iceberg says:

    blue card

    row 3 col. 2

  25. iceberg says:

    last blue card

    opens row 5 col. 2 i think

  26. An says:

    what bed? I cant find that. And the blue cards don’t open anything for me. HELP!

  27. An says:

    Never mind, found it

  28. Susan says:

    To figure out the password: Show

  29. VT says:

    OH YEA I FOUND THE CODE IT”S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  30. VT says:


  31. Reka says:

    Light switch? There’s a light switch? WHERE???

  32. Lala says:

    Yeah, where is the light switch?!?

  33. J says:

    I’m not sure I’m playing the same game as iceberg and Susan: there’s no sign whatsoever of anything even remotely resembling a light switch, and not only can I not find *any* letters to any sort of a code, there’s also neither hide nor hair of a place to enter a code. And I have 9 cubbyholes open, all in the first five columns, and there’s nothing I can do that opens the rest. What’s going on?

  34. J says:

    I swear I tried this already before my previous post… The light switch and the code entry location are both Show

    So if you’re stuck, Show

  35. shaz says:

    light switch is where boxes r 4 accross 2nd box down

  36. shaz says:

    im out

  37. V00D00 says:


  38. rachel Wilson says:

    can someone do a walkthrough?