Submachine 3

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Submachine 3 Submachine 3, the Loop is the third installment in the Submachine series created by Mateusz Skutnik. There are no items to collect in this one, but 11 levels to explore and many puzzles to solve that unlock the main exit button. The game uses passwords to save your progress: don’t forget to check the top of the screen at the beginning of each new level. Have fun!

Update: Submachine 3 walkthrough in comment #1.

By Eric

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40 Comments to Submachine 3

  1. Eric says:

    Here is a complete walkthrough for Submachine 3:

    Level 1:

    Level 2:

    Level 3:

    Level 4:

    Level 5:

    Level 6:

    Level 7:

    Level 8:

    Level 9:

    Level 10:

    Level 11:

  2. Eric says:

    Here are the passwords for Submachine 3:

  3. confused says:

    submachine 3 is really confusing

  4. urmom says:

    not hard …

    at all …

    very easy compared to submachine 2 …

  5. yay says:

    Dont open this!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a cheat Show

  6. chris says:

    that was awesome! can’t wait for 4.

  7. cheesy says:

    how do you do the third 1 please i dont get it….

  8. Arthur Radley says:

    this game is VERY annoying and for only NERDY people…

  9. Eric says:

    Arthur – Without NERDS, you would probably still playing with a sheet of paper and a pencil today ;)

  10. iyano says:

    man that was pretty hard, but i liked that one, because unlike every single other point and click game out there i wasnt looking for a walkthrough thirty seconds in cant wait for 4!

  11. Blah says:

    Easy compared to the others…

  12. Brown Recluse says:

    I loved the opening. And it really wasnt that hard. The one time I thought I needed help, the help didnt help, but then I figured it out. LOL!
    For all of you who say this is for nerds, its not. It’s logic. And its not that difficult. (Side point) Unfortunately, a lot of people in the world dont have common logic, hence the Darwin awards. It is truely a sad sad world.

  13. Bob says:

    Submachine Adventure 3 is so easy compared to the other 2. I hope the next one is harder and s-c-a-r-y-e-r!!! HA HA HA Well, it was fun anyways.

  14. Sarah Kim says:

    The graphics are soooo cool, but the end is kind of freaky, where everything turns black and green and then the green disappears and it says, “SEE YOU AT THE LAB,” and then you can start over. I love cheating by looking for walkthroughs…Muhwahwahwahw-cough cough. *hack hack* Okay I’m done, people.

  15. otis says:

    this was fun and easy. keep makin sequels and keep on rockin!!!

  16. JoMama says:

    im still stuck on level 4… i dont get it :( the only things are in (0,0) (0,1) (0,-1) (1,1) (1,-1) (-1,1) and (-1,-1)… whats with the (2,1) and (2,-1)… theres nothing there :(

  17. Mosh says:

    Ahhh, what a lovely game! I thought it was kinda strange, the transitions, I mean. Can’t wait for submachine 4!!

  18. jk rolings says:

    kind of fun, easier then 2… weird ending.

  19. poop says:

    for # 2 wat u mean for x,y
    i only see a x and lots of dots

  20. filamantta says:

    This is by far the best Submachine Game. It’s mainly because it’s not really Submachine at all. It’s just a bunch of puzzles and I LOVE IT! The only one I had trouble with was number 2. I missed out on Submachine 2 however. What happened? Who’s Mur? Where’s the lab? were any of these things discussed in Submachine 2? DOES ANYBODY KNOW?!!! *deep breaths* I’d love to know the answer to these questions

  21. Louise says:

    Sorry I can’t use my passwords ? Can you ?

  22. Louise says:

    Sorry it’s ok now.

  23. Wes says:

    im also stuck on # 3 i dont know what numbers I was supposed to remember

  24. Micheal Jordan says:

    what are u talking about x,y i am stuck on level 2 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELLLLLLLLLLP this game is really fun it makes me think

  25. Phreak says:

    lol arthur radley… where have I heard that before….
    Not what he said, his name
    (it’s from a book, no more clues)

  26. Grangel says:


  27. poop says:

    i need help… i have nooo clue what x,y means on #2….. all i see is an x… and dots…. WHAT DOES IT MEAN??!! I’VE BEEN TRYING TO BEAT IT FOREVER!!! please help….

  28. ert says:

    ehem people… the 4 is OUT! =)

  29. W3irD0 says:

    Loved it,, bud too bad i couldnt find the very last secret ¬¬ but it was awesome :D:D i love submachine !!! :D:D

  30. lala40 says:

    well, I’d like to get started at least!!
    I’m stuck on the beginning page and no hand appears, nothing happens. My finger hurts from clicking so much!
    is there anything wrong with my computer? (or is it me? :))
    Done the other submachines without any trouble though.
    (even Tab doesn’t work)

  31. Goukakyuu says:

    I posted another comment here not here LOL…

  32. m ,,m., says:

    how do you pass numbertwo

  33. Stev says:

    Hi. I’m on level 6. I have all symbols in correct order and the button pushes. When I go to 0,0 nothing happens. I have double and triple checked the symbol and there order. Is it me or the computor.

  34. Anonymous says:


  35. KTG says:

    Gotta love the fact that half of you guys don’t understand a coordinate system. x,y tells you exactly where to go if you paid any attention in elementary school math. The portal button is at 0,0. The map you usually get is at 1,0 and is broken into a grid so you can tell exactly where you need to go. The x number tells you left and right and comes first — left is negative, right is positive. The y number tells you up and down and comes second — up is positive, down is negative.

    Math. It’s not difficult, folks.

  36. cheater says:

    How the heck do you not die in level 11???????

  37. brian says:

    im stuck on level 3. i changed all the panels so that they had the same number just like every walkthrough has said and absolutely nothing happened. whats goin on here?

  38. The Cube says:

    o gosh i never new that level 2:bamita you had to follow the coorinidates omg hard submachine you ;o i h8 dis 1 i cant wait for sub6 to come out

  39. Josh says:

    I don’t like this one as much as the others.Show