Matt Sandorf – Journey to Endless Entertainment

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Matt SandorfMatt SandorfMatt Sandorf – Journey to Endless Entertainment is a brand new Room Escape / Adventure advergame created by Rodrigo Roesler and Bruno Maestrini (Trapped series: The Dark, The White Rabbit) for Sony Europe.

“In the 90’, some insanely rich Japanese businessman secretly started to build a space station. Not even NASA had ever heard about it.

It was supposed to be a kind of super resort *slash* mega science lab. He wanted it to be the most modern thing ever. The news got out a few months ago, after over a decade of hard work.

The station was sent to space with all sorts of scientists, specialists and artists.

mattAnd me! When I heard about the Beatles reunion on board, well… I HAD to come! My name is Matt Sandorf and nobody saw me get on the ship. I’m pretty sure I’m safe here.

Hey, there is someone here! Oh crap…

Take him to the store room!”

You are trapped in the store room now, and I’m sure it won’t take long before you get out of it. The problem is you are in space station, remember?

This game uses the same engine as the Trapped series, so if you liked Rodrigo Roesler’s other games, you won’t be disappointed with this new one!

Have fun!

By Eric

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62 Comments to Matt Sandorf – Journey to Endless Entertainment

  1. laughingpoodle says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever been first before!!!

  2. chickasquirt says:


  3. pOlo says:

    played this game already… was great :)

  4. leah says:

    i have no idea what to do with the guy everytime i click on him i get sent back to the store room

  5. Nu_Voi says:


  6. leah says:

    now im really stuck i have the wire three buckets of paint hamster popcorn whoppie cushion bouncy ball and card what do i do??????

  7. Nu_Voi says:

    do you have the scissor??

  8. Nu_Voi says:


  9. leah says:

    i did all that what do i do after taht

  10. Fanny says:

    awesome game, finished. loved it :)

  11. Nu_Voi says:


  12. loo loo says:

    im so stuck….

  13. Katie says:

    NEED HELP!!! Anyone doing a walkthrough? How do I find [/spoiler] the frog [/spoiler]

  14. val says:


  15. loo loo says:

    you need to

  16. guzzi says:

    @ Katie
    The frog is: Show

  17. lesjew says:

    got lots of stuff but iam stuck has anyone finished? care to do some sort of walkthrough?

  18. val says:

    stuck. don’t know what to do after

    help anyone ?

  19. SuzieGirl64 says:

    Partial walkthrough….


    Sorry I’m too tired to go on now but I’ll try and finish tomorrow if nobody else does!

  20. *.* says:

    more walkthrough for anyone who hasn’t finished:

    Any more questions?

  21. tommywildcatjr says:

    what do you tade at the end

  22. fierceandsassy says:

    according to SuzieGirl64’s partial walk through, we should

  23. sabrina says:

    how do i get the autograph of elvis?

  24. laughingpoodle says:

    Cute game!
    Thanks for the walkthrough help.

  25. Linda says:

    The final part of the walkthough

    Nice game by the way, a bit long but nice grahics and mostly logical quests.

  26. tommywildcatjr says:

    im done finished

  27. Hels says:

    Brilliant game

  28. alexandra says:

    ok can someone explain in more detail how to do what the persn wrote in comment 20 please cuz im stuckk

  29. alexandra says:

    i love these escape room games!! but i stiil havnt figured out how to finish the game…. someone please help!!

  30. Fayyth says:

    I don’t get how to get the screwdriver

  31. alexandra says:

    heeeelp me pleeeaaase! how do i get the screwdriver or how do i get that guy to look at the fake paper frog so i can steal his screw driver??

  32. alexandra says:

    heeeeellllp meeeeeh plz!!

  33. Wolf-Luvr says:

    It’s a really fun game but i’m stuck in the second room but I still like it alot. Then again, I like alot of games like this… xD Very fun!

  34. alexandra says:

    someone plz tell me how to ge tthe screwdriver!! please!

  35. alexandra says:

    ok nvrmind about the screwdriver how do i get the kid with the PsP to share it with me so i can let the guy who lost his frog to listen to the song??? so i can finish the game

  36. alexandra says:

    woooohoooo!!!! oh yeah!!! i finished the game!!!!! heck yessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Sandra says:

    i totally wrecked at this oneeee.

  38. daisy says:

    no matter what I do Show

  39. Nerenia says:

    Same here.. I gave PSP to the piano man but he won’t give me the frog!! What am I missing?

  40. leah says:


  41. Jeff says:

    You also need to give him your Show

    My favorite game yet!!!

  42. fiddle and herman says:

    for help with elvis pic

    also for those who need help with the whole frog thing

  43. Apanathi says:

    how can i sign the elvis photo?
    how do I make the frog immortal?

  44. Sam says:

    Haha its funny game

  45. Sam says:

    @Apanthi Show the picture to guy named “Elvis” next door to secretary with PC ,he will sign it give back to you,take the signed pic and hand to the guy floating in he cave ,he will lead to you fountain of youth so that you can turn frog to immortal

  46. DNOMN8R says:

    For the Elvis photo:

  47. daisy says:

    Thanks fiddle and herman, but for some reason I can’t get even that far. Show

    What am I not doing?!?!? This is driving me nuts!

  48. Anna says:

    @ daisy

    I cant find the Elvis picture? I have the one with the two guys.

  49. Anna says:

    Ok so now I cant get the paint thig korrekt.