Show Jumping

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Show JumpingShow JumpimgShow Jumping is the latest game designed by Lucas Meijer, the Dutch freelance developer behind Supersonic RC. This brand new 3D show jumping simulation was released a few days ago on

In this new 3D Shockwave game, your goal is to ride a horse and get to the finish line as fast as possible, jumping cleanly over any obstacle in a limited time. You control your jumper with the arrow keys, and you jump by pressing the space bar. Hold the space bar down if you want to jump higher. For every obstacle knocked down, a 5- second penalty is added to your total course time.

Including 2 training levels and 4 different courses, Show Jumping is a very well done 3D simulation; and if completing the first and the second levels shouldn’t be too difficult, you will probably spend much more time attempting to complete the last two ones.

With superb graphics and really smooth animations, this game is so far and by far the best Show Jumping simulation I ever played. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.55


74 Comments to Show Jumping

  1. eva says:

    I would really like to know if there are any cheats to go to level 4!!!!
    please answer me at :[email protected]

  2. gruber you know you love me says:

    yeah same only [email protected] i stuck at level 3

  3. kristie says:

    ha! I din’t use cheats and I did level 1 2 3 4 I DID IT 2 TIMES TO MAKE SURE I COULD DO IT!

  4. Ruben says:

    Please get another showjumping game this one is getting old

  5. super says:

    how do u get 2 level 4!! its driving me crazy! help plz

  6. xoxo says:

    omg i can not get to level four like honestly this is brutal

  7. Jordi says:

    I know that everyone is asking this question but. Can someone please help me get to level 4. my email addy is for any tips…


  8. ali says:

    I need to get to level 4 it is like soooooooooooooooooooo hard it driving me mad
    [email protected]

  9. Charlotte says:

    how do u get to level 4 please tell me

  10. hannah says:

    can i plese go on to levele 5 plese

  11. hugo says:

    plz how do we get past lvl 1

  12. Katie says:

    I found this game very easy… i beat all the levels within about 10 minutes. The way to beat level 3 is to get it under 1:15 and to do this you need lots more power over the jumps and you need to get through your combinations clean because once you knock one down then the rest of the combination will come down and thats were you get set back.

  13. emz says:

    i did lvl 4 just keep trying and trying and in the end u get there i managed it after bout 100 times but o well… but i find it much easer on my own horse then on the computor lol

  14. fcr says:

    just keep trying to get to lvl 4. u’ll get there eventually. if u hold in the space bar 2 strides before your takeoff stride, and then release it, u will have almost full power. in the combinations, press the spacebar while you’re still in the air jumping over the previous fence. hope these help u.

  15. Sasha says:

    ok well found this game…loved it now its driving me mad cos i cant get onto level 4…i mean its like impossible…help!!! :D

  16. tasha says:

    I found this game to be extremely easy. getting level four just takes practice. If you knock one down restart and try again (because you wont reach the goal time)

  17. tara says:

    when u look at the groun when u approach the big jumps the colour changes slightly. It shows where to hold down the button and to let it go.

  18. amazing girlie says:

    its impossible to get to level 2! please someone give me a cheat please I’m begging you

  19. hanna says:

    can any give any tips to get on level 4 coz am stuck level 3 lol!!

  20. Laz says:

    I beat all the monsters and robots, now there is no where to go, or is there? If anyone knows how to get through to level four, just tell me, I don’t need cheats, I just need to know what to kill or what to get to go through… Thank You!

  21. lucy says:

    how on earth do you get onto level 4 plz help me iz there any cheats

  22. Olivia says:

    well… i spent about 2 weeks playing this game in the evening and i am proud to say, about 2 ming ago i completed level 3!!!!! In 1:14 so only just but level 4 is plain impossible but now i can say i have completed it. sorry no cheats as annoying as it is u have to just keep trying agin and agian and again. and dont give up if you have one or two poles down, you canstill do it. :D

  23. hunt seat girl says:

    this is such an easy game!!! level 4 easy!!

  24. hunt seat girl says:

    there is no level past 4 ;) if that solves any of your trouble

  25. Olivia says:

    how do people get such fast times. i have completed all the levels but only just. i cut all the corners and dont knock any down. e.g in level 4 i get 1m20 ish, but some people get 40 secs! how?

  26. HorseLuver says:

    i also think it’s easier on a real horse then on the computer.
    the first time i played and i got thru level1 i thought i had done really well!, but then i saw the other scores and was quite disapointed, and although i have improved i cant get past level 3. :-( kinda makes going to the stable and jumping on my horse a little more inviting than it already is… thanks 4 all the tips! :-)

  27. HorseLuver says:

    all i want is to get past level 3 and i’ll be happy, if only i could…

  28. HorseLuver says:

    hey, i got another tip! say to urself over and over that u will make it and it actually works, u just have to do it a few times first sometimes, just depends on how much u believe! :-)

  29. i love my horses :) xoxoxo says:

    i cant get past level 2 let alone level 4 how do you do it? i cut corners and even if i go clear i still get a slow time. I think i’ll stick to jumping my own horses from now on!

  30. mary moo says:

    i dont no why people get such good times plz how do u do it ?

  31. mary moo says:

    how do u complete level 4 cos there is not another level ? whats the time u have to do ? any thing that can help me complete ? plz plz plz plz plz plz!

  32. jayd says:

    i really wana play this game it sounds so fun but my screen just goes blank after loading whats up with it?

  33. Jessica says:

    I’ve played Lvl 3 for so long! I can never get past. I can do most of the jumps EXCEPT the connected (3 in a row) jumps. They’re driving me crazy!

  34. Chlo,horse&pony loverrrr says:

    This game is soooooooo fustrating, i can’t do lvl 3 and even if i complete level 1 or 2 with no faults someone has done it faster than me its sooooooooooo annoying!!! Horse riding and jumping on a real pony is wayyyy easier!!!!

  35. Erin says:

    This game is so depressing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant get past lvl 3!!! :@:@ any hits or tricks or cheats plzz tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. sophie says:

    i did level 4! tried it the 1st time an i did it! there is no hints or tricks to this game… i think its just time an take it slowly an dont knock any jupms down because you will loose time… hope you guys are doing okay on the game

  37. lizzie says:

    help levl 3 is sooooooo hard

  38. claire says:

    level 3 is actually wrecking mi head!!!!!!

  39. say rah says:

    I’ve completed all levels but on the high scores how do people get such fast times – like level one I can get 24 sec. but other ppl are all in the 20s and I don’t know how I could go any faster. Are there any ways to cheat this game?

  40. say rah says:

    I posted above… if any one knows email me at (Edit:****. No email please!)
    oh and btw to all of you other ppl it is possible to complete all the levels you just have to practice but as far as high scores go that’s where I’m stuck!

  41. claire says:


  42. jill says:

    If you are stuck on level 3 try doing a quick left or right arrow just before/as you go over the jump. What I want to know is, how do people get faster than perfect times?

  43. DD says:


  44. kim says:

    um… i kinda dont no how to get in the game lol… embarrasing but can you help me

  45. boab says:

    im just confused about the high scores like 20s on lvl 4

  46. brittany says:

    ughhhh i just got 1:20 for level threeee
    this is so frustratingggg

  47. Sara says:

    I got 1:14, and hit the last jump on level three. It made it 1:15, I can’t pass. This is soooooooooooo frustrating

  48. Jess says:

    this game is so frusterating.. stuck on level 3!!!..

  49. Jena says:

    This is not an easy game….. stuck on level 4……
    Took me a year to get to this level!

  50. Marli says:

    This is SO hard!!!!!!!!!! stuck at level 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!