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Show JumpingShow JumpimgShow Jumping is the latest game designed by Lucas Meijer, the Dutch freelance developer behind Supersonic RC. This brand new 3D show jumping simulation was released a few days ago on

In this new 3D Shockwave game, your goal is to ride a horse and get to the finish line as fast as possible, jumping cleanly over any obstacle in a limited time. You control your jumper with the arrow keys, and you jump by pressing the space bar. Hold the space bar down if you want to jump higher. For every obstacle knocked down, a 5- second penalty is added to your total course time.

Including 2 training levels and 4 different courses, Show Jumping is a very well done 3D simulation; and if completing the first and the second levels shouldn’t be too difficult, you will probably spend much more time attempting to complete the last two ones.

With superb graphics and really smooth animations, this game is so far and by far the best Show Jumping simulation I ever played. Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Ellie says:

    Trust me. It is easier in real life but it is also really easy in the game. I got 40 seconds on one of mine(my first time doing it). All you have to do is forget the track and cut all of the corners that you can, jump high, and go clean. If you knock a jump down, just start over. The main part that you really have to get practiced at is precision and timing. If you practise enough and pay attention to the jump bar, you will get good at jumping really high. If you can do this, then you can find that you can take the jumps at angles which reduces your time. You can also start your jump bar while turning towards a jump. In level 4, you will want to take the last combination nice and easy. Hardly jump but make sure you clear them. If you jump to high, you will find that you cannot make it over the others. They will just be knocked over. Hope this helps and is not too confusing. Edit:****.

  2. Sarah says:

    HELP! I can’t do Level 3, I keep getting like 1.30, is there ANY tips hints or cheats?

    • Jenny says:

      cut the corners :P and alot of the jumps that are close together (if thats you problem) arent as hard as they seem. Try jumping lower to them, but if its the highest jumps you have problems with, then you have to let it get to max. and then you have to be centered (just like in real life)

  3. Jolie=My Horsy says:

    ok level 4 is kinda hard but it took me like 12 times to do level 3 to pass it and thx 4 the tips for level 4

    it is alottttttttt easyer in real life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. s says:

    i have been doing level 3 4 wks now i just cant get the hang of it its the jumps that are close together that get me real life show jumping is much easyer well sometime dolly ma horse does it for me! xxxx

  5. Stephanie says:




    The best I can tell you for level 3 is to make it through the combinations because once you knock a set of them down, you can’t make it through the others. Really concentrate on the combinations and you should be alright. Good luck! Wait until you get to level 4, you haven’t seen hard until you reach that!

  7. Jade says:


  8. xGabii says:

    Its simple, just ride and relax ;)

  9. dreamer224 says:

    i can beat all the levels but my times aren’t that great.
    and the trick to beating level 3 and 4 is to practice judging distance from the jumps. if it’s the highest jump, make sure u power up a little bit earlier. and for some reason, i play better with a certain horse so try changing it up a bit

  10. wendy says:

    Yes there is a cheat! All you need to do is keep on taking big DEEP breathes
    And you will get 1:00 or less

  11. Anya says:

    Hey I completed level 3 yesterday, did it 1:04 just now. I knocked down 2 jumps, you don’t have to start again if you knock the first one down. The trick is to start pressing spacebar WHILE jumping when you’re on the combinations.

    Hope I helped =]

  12. Ali says:

    If you want to get onto level 4 you need to do level three in under 1min 15secs. The only way to do this is by knocking down the middle jump of all the tripples (apart from the last one which you can do!) just go straight through the jump but whilst you are doing this hold down the space bar so you have enough power to get over the last jump!!
    You will do it with practice!! It took me a couple of days!! It is sooooo much easier on a real horse!!
    Edit: ****

  13. kirsty r xx says:

    level four iv done it its easy just dont rush it take your time an make sure you get the bar full up for tthe big jumps or youll nock it youll get there xx

    please can you make a new 1 i liike this game but iv played it hundreds of times thanx some new levels an more horses 2 choose fro would be great xx thanx

  14. becky says:

    I know that every 1 is asking this but its so annoy that me and no1 slse can get to level 4, its so annoy and also som1 should make another horse game this 1 is really cool but it would be good if there was a change for once.

  15. RedGe says:

    I did the level 4 in 50 seconds. ;)
    Nothing felt! :)
    Hepp (A)

  16. Horses, Horses, Horses!!!!! :D says:

    I LOVE this game bacause i love horses and jumping, even though i’ve never jumped before! This game is challageing but keeps me glued and it’s awesome! Horses are the coolest and cutest animals ever!!!!! xoxo :) Some of the levels are hard though (bacicly all of them!).

  17. josie says:

    its an ok im on level 4 but it really is ALOT easier juming this height in real life
    btw im 12

  18. Bethany says:

    omg, i just got 1:15 on level 3, nd bcus it wasn’t ‘under’ 1:15. i had to do it agen :@ grr

  19. Charline says:

    i just cant reach level 4 –‘ i’m getting realy pissed ;o
    i wanna get a cheat or something ;s
    im doing the same thing for weeks ;s
    help me

  20. Brightheart says:

    i used to play it all the time a few years ago and had the entire thing beat but now i tried to play it and it wont work on miniclip… is it just my computer or did miniclip do something to it????? anyone got an answer