Reve d’Ombre (“Dream about Shadow”) – Samare

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Reve d'OmbreReve d'Ombre“Reve d’Ombre” is a French Point’n’Click adventure game developed by Madeleine Crubellier.

First of all the game is still under construction, and there is at the time of writing only one level available. Six or seven new levels should be released later and added to the story.

Here is a translation of the beginning of the game: “These days, I seem to have the same dream very often. I should say the same dream beginning, because I always awake quickly. Today, I have decided to go shopping and I bought a few catch dreamers. I want to know what happens next”.

The author mentioned in the credits that “Rêve d’Ombre” is a kind of Myst-like, and it is. There is no huge inventory, no death and no dialogue (so far), just an immersion in a dream world made of light and shadow.

The game is short, but we’ve been already forewarned by the author and there’s a lot more to come (prepare yourself to be patient, she works slowly).

Overall, the first level of “Reve d’Ombre” acts as a very good teaser: we are looking forward to playing the next level!

Have fun!

Reve d’Ombre walkthrough (thanks jingo!)

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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  1. Grzechu says:

    Hopefully looking forward to english translation :)

  2. lauret says:

    Text in dark cage:

    French: Il fait trop noir. Tu as besoin d’un source de lumière.
    English translation: It is too dark. You need to have a source light.

  3. jingo says:


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