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Blue ChamberBlue ChamberBlue Chamber is the third Point’n’Click Room Escape game created by Toshimitsu Takagi so far. Released in September 04, this is also definitely the easiest game developed by Takagi.

There are only a few objects to collect in the Blue Chamber that you will pick up with your mouse.

Try to combine them is some way and find eventually which phone number you should dial to get out of here!

With nice graphics and simple puzzles, Blue Chamber is a short Room Escape, perfect for a 20 minute break.

If you didn’t already escape from the Blue Chamber, it’s time to give it a try and have Fun!

Three more Room Escape games from Fasco cs!

Crimson Room Crimson Room: the first Room Escape game designed by Takagi.
Viridian Room Viridian Room: Crimson Room sequel.
White Chamber White Chamber: the longest and the latest one released by Takagi.

Update: checks the walkthroughs in the comments section!

Update: Blue Chamber video walkthrough!

Update: Crimsom Room video walkthrough!

Update: Viridian Room video walkthrough!

Update: White Chamber video walkthrough!

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113 Comments to Blue Chamber – Fasco cs

  1. vix847 says:

    Hollyollyolly!!! Here’s how to get the safe:

    Hope that helps.

  2. SuzieGirl64 says:

    As we need the code from yesterday due to Japanese time difference. Code for 28th July at 01.27am British time is:

  3. SuzieGirl64 says:

    OK. I’ve worked out how to get the code for the Crimson room to work. Show

  4. Tom Hite says:

    If you’re stuck on the white room, here’s probably why:

  5. Tom Hite says:

    For Blue Room,

    To make the safe appear, you have to Show

  6. phyllis says:

    Okay, regarding the bike chain code. First of all, have you read the diary? If you have not, it’s up to you whether or not to read the following.


    If that wasn’t enough for you, below I have [i]exactly[/i] what the numbers will be below.


  7. rachel says:

    i had try the numbers and still isn’t right and i really don’t know what the japeness time is anyway, if anyone knows, let me know too

  8. rachel says:

    does ANYONE know what the code for the bike chain is ?!?!?

  9. Jamie says:

    You have to play on the real Fasco site.
    Then when you visit the yellow room, the code will be valid.
    It changes for every player.

  10. MetsUT1706 says:

    That’s a video tutorial for Crimson Room. I hope it’s helped out. I’ve heard complaints of the safe combination not working for some people. Try 3131 or go to the website on the sheet of paper in the game.

  11. lauren says:

    if you can’t bring up the url, google it. once you get the code put it in the safe but do not high light the key until after you have put the code in, then highlight it and click on the key hole. sometimes you may need to refresh the page and start over but remember not to click on the key at all until after you’ve put the code in.

  12. Tara says:

    I cannot get the safe to appear, after the dancing dude finishes his dance. I have tried clicking the spot, but it just takes me back to the room with the disc player.

  13. Kirissy says:


    The number in 0704 for the bike chain :D