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Blue ChamberBlue ChamberBlue Chamber is the third Point’n’Click Room Escape game created by Toshimitsu Takagi so far. Released in September 04, this is also definitely the easiest game developed by Takagi.

There are only a few objects to collect in the Blue Chamber that you will pick up with your mouse.

Try to combine them is some way and find eventually which phone number you should dial to get out of here!

With nice graphics and simple puzzles, Blue Chamber is a short Room Escape, perfect for a 20 minute break.

If you didn’t already escape from the Blue Chamber, it’s time to give it a try and have Fun!

Three more Room Escape games from Fasco cs!

Crimson Room Crimson Room: the first Room Escape game designed by Takagi.
Viridian Room Viridian Room: Crimson Room sequel.
White Chamber White Chamber: the longest and the latest one released by Takagi.

Update: checks the walkthroughs in the comments section!

Update: Blue Chamber video walkthrough!

Update: Crimsom Room video walkthrough!

Update: Viridian Room video walkthrough!

Update: White Chamber video walkthrough!

By Eric

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113 Comments to Blue Chamber – Fasco cs

  1. meagan says:

    on Virdian room how do u get the blanket from the skeleton

  2. Sajanee says:

    When ur playing the viridian room, how do u get the blanket 2 tear???? And how to u get the trash can 2 lift???? When I’m playing the Crimson Room the code dosen’t open 4 me 2.

  3. Heather says:

    dude, they should definitly make all the codes the same. It’s a mega bummer that i can’t win…i keep getting

    and I tried all the other codes i found.

  4. tyler says:

    i hate that game

  5. tyler says:

    the code to the game is 1992

  6. Natalie says:

    Ok So I played this a while back and the code was 1994, My sister is playing it. The URL doesnt work and we’ve tried all these codes posted nothing works!

  7. bluh says:

    ive tried every single code and it still hasnt worked and ive used the key every time too :[

  8. moo says:

    in the blue chamber how come help me is (4357*63

  9. SteelersFan says:



    I hope the guide helped someone.

  10. katie says:

    k so in every white chamber walkthrought ive seen .. they say to attach the light to the front of the motercycle … but where the heck do you get the light from… completly stuck… and need help asap

  11. DNOMN8R says:

    For Blue Chamber:


  12. lalala.... says:

    ok wth when i went through tha door a voice camed up so werid… i was lik okay.. and also freaked out

  13. brittany says:

    it says the code is 2002 it will not work!!

  14. jeremy says:

    so, is toshimitsu making any new games??

  15. brittany says:

    the viridian room was soooooo hard i would have never got it done with out a walk through so thanks eric for the walk through it was very helpful!!!!

  16. henry says:

    watch out for weird mAN in white chamber

  17. brittany says:

    was doing good at first on the white chamber but then lmao i got stuck lol

  18. christen says:

    in the Viridian room it says one more thing to add and I looked at the walkthrew and I did not miss anything. ANY HELP????

  19. Swabs says:

    Crimson Room has been updated, so the safe code changes every day. You have to go to the “Yellow chamber” website and REFRESH the crimson room game (unfortunately). THEN the code will work.

    Am I the only one who finds the phone # for blue chamber ridiculous? After a good hour I had to finally cheat, and look up the numbers. I mean, wtf random… if you found them on your own, HOW DID YOU DO IT?

  20. sasha says:

    i got out of the verandian room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. AFF says:

    When you open the door and go through in the Viridian Room, you hear a voice and stuff. When you play the voice backwards it says: (note it is not very accurate and mabey some words replaced by more appropriate words

  22. Bára says:

    ok i´m at the end of viridian room but it keeps telling me that i´m missing something so I looked at the walk through and it said that I needed a bundle of incense….
    uhhh..HOW can i find that?!?

  23. sophiee says:

    ok i got the key and everything the code for the day and it keeps telling me the numbers r wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in the crimson room (duh))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has anyone who had this problem solved it????????

  24. Mona says:

    hey! does anyone have yesterday’s code? im so confused!

  25. Neh says:

    Blue chamber error~ I dont get the key!

  26. shan says:

    click Show

  27. gela says:

    for crimson room.
    while watching film. look for the twinkling thing that the man points to near the end of the film. postition your mouse on it them wait till the entire film finishes. click on the spot a few tmes until small black box appears….the code is whichever appears on the website you will type in… it is written on memo,. then you are free to go

  28. adamlin007 says:

    What’s the Code for the Skeleton’s Bike Lock!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!

  29. Jesse says:

    Yeah, something is wrong with the safe and the code # because I played this a few years ago and it worked fine. Today i showed my friend the games and its borked. Maybe I should send an email to the developers, theyre probably not aware.

  30. Jesse says:

    Oh, dang, Ok i didnt see page 2 was newer comments. Someone said you have to refresh the crimson room after getting the code- that’s stupid, your average player is not going to know to refresh that, they should fix it. I know its free, but still.

  31. pokemontrainer says:

    How do u do the showwalkthrough thingy? cuz i wanna do the walkthrough

  32. Sub-Par Hoodini says:

    Well my code for the crimson room safe isn’t working either. However instead of panicking, getting frustrated, and writing a comment without looking at any of the other posts I read the other posts. I suggest the same. Try beating the game when your time zone is in the same day as Japan is. Why? Read up. It’s been explained beautifully by two people whom I am very grateful too because it was causing me a great deal of frustration before I understood why my code wasn’t working. Thanks.

  33. stacy says:

    i cant find the safe anywhere

  34. Lianne says:

    It is currently 9.03pm in Japan and 12.04pm in the Uk. Both the same date. Code still didn’t work. However i kept the code open on one page and refreshed the game. Did it again and viola it works!

    Pretty rubbish how you have to do that!

  35. blu08 says:

    waah help me… it says one more thing is missing but i dunno wat… (viridian room) ive done everythng but stil somethng missing

  36. zachary says:

    the code i had for the safe was Show

  37. Reka says:

    Crimson room – putting the code on a different website frankly SUCKS. Especially when said website is redesigned and/or goes away (I can’t tell, ’cause it’s all in Japanese).


    I think I’m giving up now.

  38. dude says:

    you have to refrigerate the beer until it says `so chilly`

  39. Sandra says:

    I don’t really get how you got the phone number…How did that work out? Why Show

    Please explain^^

  40. alev says:

    i visited that site… it gave me 4297 as the code.. but the code is 1994

  41. alev says:

    for the crimson room

  42. brandon says:


  43. john farell says:

    crimson room is so cool i beat it in like 50 seconds i want to see the other room

  44. Hollyollyolly!!!! says:

    I can’t get the safe to appear! I’ve clicken everywhere! Agh! Someone tell me where the dancing man points, cause to me it looks like he’s pointing all over the place!

  45. Hollyollyolly!!!! says:

    Please help with the crimson room! I can’t even find the safe! Where’s the dancing guy pointing?!?

  46. CTK says:

    i can’t get to the battery….where do you click?? (in the crimson room)

  47. Martha says:

    so much for safe code working. the one for me is 5545 from the yellow room url but it doesn’t work..& yes, I used the key-nada!

  48. Martha says:

    never mind..I started the game totally over & teh code worked.

  49. vix847 says:

    Talking about VIRIDIAN ROOM here:

    I got the code for the bike lock on skeleton’s legs, Can’t get dice cross thing to go into the cube shape! I checked the symbols 10 times now!!!!! Any hints anybody?

  50. vix847 says:

    CTK! To get the battery go to the veiw where you see the blank wall, then click in between the corner of the wall and the bed. It should whizz to a veiw down the back of the bed. Hope that helps!