Taurus Escape

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TaurusTaurus Escape is the second installment in the Japanese Room Escape series “Constellation Escape” created by Maka. Your main goal here is to collect all the blue cards and the red cards hidden in this place. If I’m counting right, there are still 10 more games to come out! Have fun!

Update: Taurus Escape walkthrough in comment #2 (thanks vytraas – via Nordinho!)

By Eric

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  1. mokokauwae says:


  2. vytraas says:

    To make things faster here’s a walkthrough. Thanks to Nordinho.net!

  3. mokokauwae says:

    Just in case u are not sure what password is its Show

    i got confused because i also got the nunber 9.

  4. fistngore says:

    i dun unds ur walkthrough cos the cordinates and mine is v diff.