Escape Chestnut Room

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Escape Chestnut RoomEscape Chestnut RoomEscape Chestnut Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia.

In Escape Chestnut Room, “Rupert has gone on a hunting trip with his friends, but they decided that he was too noisy, and they’ve locked him in the cabin so they can enjoy their day of hunting. Help Rupert escape from Chestnut room so he can show his friends that he can’t be left behind.”

If you didn’t become crazy with Escape Pear Room and Escape Ecru Room, you will surely like this one!

Have fun!

Update: Escape Chestnut Room walkthroughs in comments #196, #198 and #201 (thanks J, Reka and Marretje!)

By Eric

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478 Comments to Escape Chestnut Room

  1. maggie says:

    the metal bits u pick up go on the chain saw

  2. chaos says:

    be aware that you can put stuff back where you found them

  3. Tayyyyyy says:

    the antlers reset the code for the safe behind the hippo picture that you shoot down with the shotgun

  4. Lol says:

    When i turn on the chainsaw to carve it, and i click out of the box, it just turn right back off and then i can’t carve with it.
    What do i do?

  5. Flicka says:

    i got all 28 metal pieces… but i can’t open the door…
    do i need to turn on the chainsaw or what?
    i pressed the red button on chainsaw but it doesn’t move

    pls help

  6. Lizzy says:

    i got all 28 metal pieces… but i can’t open the door…
    do i need to turn on the chainsaw or what?
    i pressed the red button on chainsaw but it doesn’t move

    pls help

  7. trisha joy says:

    where are you getting the chain saw?

  8. twiga says:

    totally stuck at the safe thingie -.-


  9. keely adventure says:

    omg! i can not find out the code. i’ve tried tons of walkthroughs!!!!!!!!even youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pls help asap!

  10. Kaye says:

    Anyone!!!! Help me please…. I wan’t to pass the green safe,,, if someone already pass through the safe please tell me the pattern coz’ I really wanna move on……… Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (Sorry for my english though)

  11. ddktd says:

    I have followed all of the walkthroughs but none explain how to get the 3 pieces from out of the fire after you have fired the shotgun, nothing seems to work. I have had every other piece and completed the safes, etc, but I always get stuck with the fire, can anyone help, please?

  12. ceb says:

    this safe is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just can’t get it . ugh who ever made this had to be a nerd or a computer geek. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • qwerty says:

      i cant figure out that stupid snake puzzle every move i have is wrong i need to someone to make a walkthrough on youtube!

  13. Mea says:

    Everytime theresa new puzzle thats green and theres no metal pieces in the fire its residue from the shotgun blast. If youre still missing pieces be sure to go through all the areas again. the ones from the bear will shoot one down close to the hand and its hidden by your item bar. also, theres one next to the bathroom sink that you may have missed since you have to click at the base of the sink to find.

  14. tgt says:

    the green code:

  15. Benjamin Fuentes III says:

    i cant solve this….

  16. max43567 says:

    i beal it hahaha

  17. mr master says:

    help me with the puzzle plez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. stefaaaaaaaaaaaan says:

    0000xx help me please

    • Juli says:

      Rather late, I know…

      Start with the third square of the bottom row and go to the left. When you have a choice (which will only happen once), head to the right.

      • Juli says:

        Drat, knew I should’ve tried it on paper rather than just in my head; that solution doesn’t work. Try instead:
        Start with the second square of the fifth row (diagonally up one from the bottom left corner). Go up, then left. The rest of the path is self-explanatory (no choices to make).

  19. lorinda says:

    how do i open the safe for the first time

  20. Demi90 says:

    I found 28 pieces of metal… here
    the walkthrough say that there are 29 pieces. I think smth is wrong with the orders between the 5 and 6 piece, because I count them again and again and I find out 5 pieces before bears teeth and no 6 as the walkthrough say… The sure thing is that we need 29 pieces of metal but where is the one missing???

    • Demi90 says:

      Never mind! I found it, it was next to the vanity… I’m free now, going for some haunting!!!! bouahahahahaha