Big Diamond

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Big DiamondBig DiamondBig Diamond is another skill game between marble and pool created by Wildsnake Software (check out Shuffle and Shuffle Snake Bites).

Your goal in Big Diamond is the same as in Shuffle Snake Bites: shoot all marbles off the board with your silver marble. The main difference with SSB is that the levels are not timed anymore, but you only have a limited number of shoots to clear the board.

Harder than Shuffle Snake Bites, Big Diamond is VERY challenging: if you are looking for a relaxing game without frustration, forget this one ;-)

Have fun!

By Eric

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19 Comments to Big Diamond

  1. kaozz says:


    • m3mac says:

      can anyone post a vid of cape ruby walkthrough i seem to get to 10.7 with one replay if im lucky and cant seem to get past it would b appreciated . . .

  2. Rick Hardo says:

    Sort of a cheat I figured out by accident.
    If you have ‘no replays’ left but click ‘restart game’ while the gold ball is still on the screen (or sometimes just after) and then at the menu screen click ‘continue game’ you will restart the level even though you don’t have any replays. This doesn’t work on the first level of each stage. Also, it only works if you have ‘no replays’ left, otherwise it will simply consume one of your replays.

    I am stuck on Diamond Hills! Hope someone will post youtube clips of each stage. This is a great game.

  3. bibine says:

    There’s somebody that to give me trik for 10.7
    Please I need your help

  4. gbh says:

    For 10.7, if you hit the 2 closet balls in the bottom left, then it just leaves a cannon for the other 2.

    Anyone got any ideas for 11.2?? I can see a way round it!!

  5. gc says:

    I have the same problem of gbh with level 11.2.
    I always “pass level” but I can’t finish level 11.7 ( when i arrive there)
    There are some tricks?

  6. stino says:

    i’m stuck at 11.6 could you help me out with that one?
    I also use pass level in level 11.2

  7. stino says:

    now i’m getting to 12.3 :p

  8. Gromb(hun) says:

    Level 11.2 seems to be impossible. Pass it.
    11.6: Hit the ball on the left side, so the golden one goes up, and knocks the next ball too. Then 3 balls remaining to one shot, but with a good shot you can bounc between the 3 balls.
    11.7 First strike upwards (little left) so 4 balls shouls fall. Then take the ball to the left with an angle which leads the golden one upwards to the next 5 balls. Here you must shot very carefuly to get rid of these 5 balls in 2 shots (need luck) and with the last shot you have to see the ball on the right side to bounce to the bottom ball.
    I think level 12 is easier.
    Very good game indeed

  9. stino says:

    yes that explenation is correct
    I’m getting to 12.6 but here i am stuck.
    now i’m trying to shoot the lower ball and the golden one shoots further against the right one, but cant get the 2 other one’s.
    Anyone better solution?

  10. Harrysan says:

    I finished the game and for 12.6 you play it the way I did it.
    Just try to get the golden ball as hi as possible.
    Then its possible to take out the two last ones.

  11. bibine00 says:

    Im stuck at level 11.5…There’s 2 balls every middle side and 1 ball in the center to 3 shots. Where can I shoot the first shot ?

  12. Harrysan says:

    Shoot the two under and make sure that the golden ball hit the two above. With a little luck both will fall off. If only one fall off you have to do a double with the one above and one on the side (middle). After it’s easy to shoot the two balls still on the table.

  13. Allegro says:

    Level 11.2 Instructions


  14. luda says:

    Accidentally I found another solution for level 11.2, where the golden ball stays on the board.


    It’s still a tricky shot, but it worked about every 10th time ;)

  15. simone says:

    please help me, level 11.4 is driving me crazy!!!

    thanks to Rick Hardo for his little cheat

    level 11.5 you got to hit the nearest ball with full speed exactly in the middle of the white point, so both lower and upper balls will fall off. then you have 2 shots for three balls…

  16. gong show says:

    11.4 just requires control of the golden ball. No shots are full speed. Gently shoot the two balls on the right hand side, lowest two. Do a bounce shot off the the remaining right hand side ball into the top three, ideally removing the rightmost ball. Shoot the two balls on the bottom, right hand side. Do a bounce shot on the remaining bottom ball into the left hand side stack. You have two shots to get rid of the remaining 4 balls, in two groups. I get though about 40% of the time.

  17. bibine00 says:

    For 12.5…..Please