Magic Pen

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Magic PenMagic Pen“Way back in 1687 Sir Isaac Newton wrote down his famous three laws of motion. Now, centuries later, these three basic rules have finally found their use.”

In Magic Pen, a brand new puzzle draw game created by Alejandro Guillen (Spin the Black Circle), you are presented a hands-on experience seeing these basic laws of physics being applied to the shape you have just drawn.

The shapes that you draw in Magic Pen are affected by gravity, friction and inertia. Make clever use of their momentum to collect the flags with the red ball/square. To do so, draw objects in such a way that they push the ball in the desired direction.

I won’t go into detail about how to draw shapes (read the “how to play” section in the main menu), but I must warn you: Magic Pen is a very addictive game and most of the 26 levels are really challenging and require a lot of trial and error.

If you are looking for something new, give Magic Pen a try: you won’t be disappointed!

Have fun!

Update: Magic Pen Video walkthrough (levels 1-26) (thanks itsjustanaccount!)

By Eric

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53 Comments to Magic Pen

  1. andreas. says:

    wow, didn’t take you guys long to steal the framework of this beatiful game, huh?

    boo, hiss!

  2. Eric says:

    @ andreas – ??

  3. bob says:

    umm wat??..

    i like the game but im stuck on level 5 b/c i cant get the hinge thing to swing the way i want. any tips?

  4. fattywads says:

    level six is impossible, sweet! whose the **** who ripped off crayon physics and didn’t have a start stop button? drawing in a physics engine while its running is near impossible.

  5. fattywads says:

    nm, its totally possible as long as you cheat the restart system, and get really lucky.

  6. fattywads says:

    bob, you gotta draw it to the left of the hinge so it swings around to hit the ball..

  7. fattywads says:

    sorry, this game doesnt suck, its totally awesome. Once you figure out that you can just make wierd hodgepodge devices that push pull or swing the ball or whatever into the goal, its not that hard. You can attach hinges to the ball btw.

  8. PT says:

    I’m stuck on level 12 — I can’t find the ball! Any tips?

  9. Stevie G89 says:

    for level 12 i think uv gotta push the bottom square into the flag cos it resets if u push it off the edge but i have no idea how u do it

  10. fedayin says:

    I did it for lvl 12 !

  11. Chas says:

    God lvl 12 too. That was sick.
    About to start 13.

  12. Chas says:

    So far I’m just drawing mini shapes next to the circle, and that is making it inch along.

  13. Chas says:

    Got 13 (easier than 12)…
    I love this game. For 14:

    Maybe 11 was the hardest lvl so far. =D

  14. Chas says:

    LEVEL 15:

    To start, Show

    Then, Show

    LEVEL 16:

    First, Show

    Then, Show

    Finally, Show

    LEVEL 17:

    I give up. Good luck all.

  15. Chas says:

    Hint for 21:


    For 23 i might actually give up.

  16. fattywads says:

    jeez chaz, why make it so complicated. all you need to do on 15 Show

  17. Chas says:




  18. Chas says:

    both work fattywads. mine is more creative :R

  19. fattywads says:

    23 is the same as 12, you just make a scale and pull the cube up.

  20. Chas says:

    beat it
    great game

  21. itsjustanaccount says:

    Video Walkthrough:
    Levels 1-11:

    Levels 12-26:

    Hope this helps. Great game by the way. Once you learn some tricks, it gets easier.

  22. Al says:

    I did all the 26 levels with use the “pin” into the ball or the cube…. it was really hard..

    now that i’ve see in your 2 youtube videos that we can put a pin there… the game come really really easy….

    Very nice game !

  23. Tommy :D says:

    Complete guide to the game.
    Stopper- A giant triangle/rectangle stopping the ball from rolling off-stage.
    Hinged Slammer- A sort of 1-bladed fan, balancing on a hinge, that slams the ball to the right of left, depending on which way you want it to go.

    Level One (1 Shape Used)

    Level Two (1 or 2 Shapes Used)

    Level Three (2 Shaped Used)

    Level Four (2 Shapes Used)

    Level Five (3 Shapes Used)

    Level 6 (approx. 5 Shapes used)

    Level 7 (3 Shapes Used)

    Level 8 (approx. 8 Shapes Used)

    Level 9 {3/4 Shapes Used)

    Level 10 (Who knows how many it might take…it took me 12…)

    Level 11 (1 Shape Used)

    Level 12 (2 Shapes Used)

    Level 13 (Shapes Used varies [took me 36] )

    Level 14 (3 Shapes Used)

    Level 15 (4 Shapes Used)

    Level 16 (2/6 Shapes Used)

    Level 17

    OH LORD! I CANT DO ANYMORE. just look at youtube >.>

  24. Jason says:

    I don’t understand the high scores- how can you score a 0 – Hacking?
    I thought I did great with 32 and then see all these scores under 26.

  25. Rosie says:

    I beat the game!

  26. willl says:

    what is a hinged slammer??????

  27. Wiganz says:

    “In Magic Pen, a brand new puzzle draw game created by Alejandro Guillen”…

    created ?? … it is only a mere plagiarism…

    try the real one here…

  28. anonymous says:

    for the video walkthrough on the square levels, you can put a pin on the square and attach a circle that is almost as big as the square and it will slide. This is most obvious for level 21, where the video walkthrough guy spent a bit of effort sliding the square down the incline.

    Level 25 is easier if you put a pin on the center of the block you have to lift, this keeps the block from getting stuck tilted since the pin doesn’t transfer moments.

    Also the most fun thing to do in free play is make a trebuche.

  29. MasterOmegon says:

    haha, ive beaten almost every level in one >_> cept for the first 3 flag, but its easy as long as you know how to glitch shapes in and out

  30. r-kelleg says:

    damit, the high score table is just invaded by cheaterz.

    here is my score so far :-)


    with no cheating !

  31. Katie Volker says:

    I CANT DO 5!!!!!!!!!! HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. john says:

    how do u delete the chains on level 21. i cant do it with rubber. help!

  33. Ana says:

    how do you delete the chains?

  34. chazzzzza says:

    i just did level 15 in one shape! Show

  35. niamh says:

    how can u get the two shapes apart in level 10?

  36. Indigo says:

    how come I can’t delete the chains on level 21?

  37. mathew deadfoot says:

    i beat level 26! its really easy, just make a bridge, add a pin to the corner of the swaure, it will tip, delete it, repete till finish the level

  38. mathew deadfoot says:

    this glitch is cool

  39. mathew deadfoot says:

    and with that glitch, if you select level 26, then press next level, you get a blank area to just hit the bal around, its awesome!

  40. spongebaz says:

    finished whole game lol 28 shapes in all =D

  41. Sam says:

    ummm wow – I played this game on Miniclip all the way through – took me a few days… then I found this site and decided to watch the video walkthrough on some that I had trouble with to see a better way and realized…. wow… either I’m really an idiot or a genious…

    I didn’t know you could attach to the box or the ball (x or o) I beat the game without ever doing that… woot!

  42. derPlumps says:

    i have an extravagant solution for level #11.

    it uses pins.

    i would like to show it but: how can i skip to lower levels without playing all the way from the first on?

  43. Ron says:

    Level 21 will not let me “erase” the chains. It has to be impossible without that. Is there a trick to the chains? Help please.

  44. April says:

    Im stuck on level 16 i see that u can put a pin in the ball but it won’t let me? help!!

  45. fishbone says:

    here is the walkthrough for level21 without deleting the curtains:

  46. poopy says:

    i beat the game!!!

  47. mark says:

    I dont know why everyone feels the need to push the box(ball) when you only need to stick wheels on it

  48. Addicted to magic pen says:

    I can’t do level 11. I’ve tried pinning the red ball, but it’s impossible. Pins just won’t attach to it. Any ideas?