The Sweet Escape

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The Sweet EscapeThe Sweet EscapeThe Sweet Escape is a nice looking Japanese Room Escape game (no text) that takes place in a witch’s house.

You are trapped in her house and you will have to prepare a special recipe to have a chance to get out of here.

The game is only playable with Internet Explorer using the original link, that’s why we decided to host it on our own server.

The Sweet Escape is a nice looking Escape game to fill your coffee break.

Have fun!

Update: The Sweet Escape walkthrough in comment #42 (thanks Chiyo!)

By Eric

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84 Comments to The Sweet Escape

  1. JonB4U says:

    This is my second walkthrough and I am not the best but bear with me please

    if there is something wrong please tell me and I will fix it

  2. goddess says:

    i got out with the happy ending!!!!!

  3. 666=666 says:

    i dont understand how u get out with a bad ending.

    • elohelz says:

      because you need the pink potion thing to harden it or something. otherwise it’ll break cause its a cookie.

  4. Raika says:







  5. Chiyo says:

    To get the pink liquid, keep in mind that Show

  6. Nancy says:

    Boo hoo…I got a bad ending because I couldn’t get the pink liquid…It wouldn’t let me get it..

  7. elzy says:

    that waz eaasier dan i thought

    yay me a happy ending!!!


  8. bob says:

    chiyo will u help me?

  9. shaz says:

    wicked and fun game got the happy ending.

  10. shaz says:

    bob wat u need help with

  11. Chiyo says:

    @Bob: ask out. :D

  12. For:Pete:Sake?IsThisOnline? says:

    its gay it wont let me get the wood

  13. xxx says:

    Where Is The Bloody Poker?

  14. Chiyo says:

    @xxx: the poker probably is the spade ^^; you can get the spade behind the oven

  15. The owner of the house (lol+) says:

    This is a great game! Hope all of you enjoy it!

    P.S. Try by yourself before look for the walkthrough! This is quite easy, but hard if you don’t examine it nicely. I won’t tell how!

    Hint: 1. Do I need to know what are in the books?
    2. What’s needed for the cookie?
    3. How do I get the materials I need?

  16. ben says:

    how do you use the spade?

  17. arisa says:

    wahoo i got happy …ask me if u nd help?

  18. katiee says:

    where do you find the key

  19. dontneedtoknow says:

    Yay i got a happy ending! thanks ppl!

  20. LiLLi says:

    wow did you know theres 3 endings hehe i set the place on fire :P

  21. tilly says:

    what do you do with the strawberry ??

  22. rowa says:

    get egg??????????????????????

  23. SUSIE says:


  24. k-man1000 says:

    Help! I can’t get the pink liquid! I click on it and nothing happens!!!

  25. help needed says:

    I can’t get fire wood plz help

  26. wertyu says:


  27. HY says:

    how thet heck are you supposed to change the order of the stars sun and moon on the mat? i dont like that game only the chicken.


  28. kiara says:

    wheres the egg?

  29. beth says:

    i completed it to get pink liquid click the cookbook and click top right corner of book and it will show pink liquid pic then go bk try 2 click liquid and it worked 4 me

  30. SexччChickk x says:

    How do i get the eggg??? x x x x

  31. puf says:

    i wonder what’s the use of the yellow jar…

  32. bezi says:

    fun and easy, took my five tries for the chicken tho :3