Tipping Point – Chapter 3

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Tipping PointTipping PointTipping Point is a Point’n’Click adventure series created by Dan Russell-Pinson, and the good news is that the chapter three is now live!

“After several months of work, I am happy to announce that chapter 3 of Tipping Point is completed and ready to play. Once the title screen loads, click “Play Game” to start from the beginning or click “Load Chapter” and enter “FREEKL” to start playing chapter 3 immediately” said the author.

If you like the Tipping Point series, please support Dan and consider making a donation to help keep the game going!

Have fun!

Tipping Point  – Chapter 3 walkthrough (thanks nitrox!)

By Eric

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182 Comments to Tipping Point – Chapter 3

  1. k7screen says:

    whoops, sorry if i messed up the spoiler for anyone.

    Edit: Spoiler tags fixed!

  2. andy says:

    how do i get the lead for the device?

  3. andy says:

    how do i get the Lead for the device that plugs into the game?

  4. ElvisDitto says:

    What order do you press the merman’s buttons?

  5. ElvisDitto says:

    Never mind, i just got it.

  6. hacker says:

    where is the keypad, i’ve been trying for two days now -.-

  7. hacker says:

    Right, here is a super quick walkthrough up to the point where i’m as clueless as the rest of you

  8. D3M0N1X says:

    How do you speak to the parrot ive got him on the lower branch but he wont wake up plz anser

  9. twong2008 says:

    i don’t think you need to. just get him on the lower branch, click the sea path and youre done with chapter 03! ^^ hope that helped^^

  10. Harribobz says:

    I can’t beat the Merman. I have tried to beat it and i know how but i just can’t. Can anyone help?

  11. Computer geek says:

    How do I get all the lights to light up on the merman?

  12. Beckie says:

    I may just be really sick & tired right now, but how do you get the cassettes into the player?
    And how do you play merman?

  13. Firstlady says:



  14. FiestyGal says:

    I think that friggin Merman device is the most annoying thing in the entire game. How frustrating! I’m surprised so many people actually stick with it and finish the game instead of giving up and heaving something through the monitor. LOL! Thanks for the tips on this stupid device; I’m still trying to get all the lights to light up.

    THANK YOU “I Love Logs” (lol) and k7screen for the detailed help. :)

  15. sarah says:

    where do i get the keypad from? the red controller?

  16. kiki says:

    how do i get the lantern to light?

  17. bigdog101 says:

    how do i get the beetle

  18. abbie says:

    i have typed in 156 on the lion face thing loads of times but its just not workin >:( ?
    please help XD

  19. k-c says:

    is there a step by step for the merman game ? i really need help

  20. Eonkid says:

    where on the tree do i click what part of the stump

  21. Eonkid says:

    nvm i got it

  22. Eonkid says:

    to beat the merman get all the lights open except for the middle

  23. Eonkid says:

    now how do i get the strange button behind the cassete player

  24. Eonkid says:

    stRange button*

  25. pok says:

    How do you turn on the spoke and spell?!?!?!?!
    I really neen help!

  26. sonal says:

    i am nt aBle to solve red Merman game can any1 help me

  27. Fuzzycarrot says:

    Just finished! Brilliant game. And lots of fun! I remember playing on my neighbors ATARI when I was a kid. Thanks all for a few hints.

    • Andrea says:

      I got the key pad, finally.. well i did it by having none of the buttons lit up… then i pressed them following the order in the walktrough page… wich would be: 1,3,7,9,2,4,6,8 and it opended… :)

  28. Sally says:

    What do you do with the Easter egg once you’ve found it. And how much gold do you need to win that game?

  29. Cowsdofly94 says:

    to get the fruits near the parrot:


  30. Cowsdofly94 says:

    Sally –


  31. Cowsdofly94 says:

    where is the easter egg?

  32. shihui says:

    where to get the sunglasses ???

  33. Kate says:

    I can’t get the merman figured out. I’ve clicked and clicked and clicked and nothing is coming of it. any help?

  34. Rebecca says:

    How to I type Teleport in the spoke and spell thing? It isn’t turned on or anything.

  35. MOUTH23 says:

    I DONT GET IT HOW DO YOU GET 1000 POINTS I ONLY HAVE 350 AND IM CLUELESS!!!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. MOUTH23 says:


  37. Nicky says:

    how do i get the interface in the computer?

  38. andkon says:

    how do you play the castle game, when I have the device all , and turn on the TV, plug on the TVwhat do I do next,

  39. Maru says:

    I’m stack at chapter 4….don’t know what to do with a shrimp o.O

  40. ashley says:

    dont no were to get the keypad

  41. ashley says:

    alrite i just got the keypad i dont no how u play the game

  42. ashley says:

    how do u talk to the parrot to figure out were tommys father is at?

  43. ... says:

    were do i get the led?:(

  44. rs says:

    how do u get the shard of glass

  45. callum says:

    heres a little walkthrought from where i got to on tipping point 3


  46. callum says:

    and now ive got more :D:DD:D:D


  47. callum says:


  48. callum says:

    anyone know how to turn on merman?

  49. shawtie says:

    the merman thing still doesnt wanna open…:'(

  50. Woo says:

    I hope I don’t sound irriated, but I am. I cannot solve the Merman game. When someone asks how to solve it, the answer is make a square with the center light out. Okay, I know this, but how to do it. Could someone give a step by step on how it’s done. It was a really great game up to this point