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One-OffOne-OffOne-Off is the latest Room Escape game released today by IDAC, the creator of The Bar, Il Destino R and The Privacy, and is a promotional game for the Japanese website

Here is the introduction of the game: “the highest goal of true motorcycle lovers is to obtain a truly unique, custom-made vehicle. But even with their dream bike, they often only have time to tune it up, not to ride. Actually, my life is the bike. Tonight is my bike’s first test run. Now I’m making the final adjustments on my motorcycle. I’m in my garage, an old shipping container that I converted for this purpose. This room is like holy ground to me. But as much as I love this place, for some reason I can’t get out. It seems like I may have to solve puzzles of some sort to escape.”

Graphics are as usual awesome, and you will have again to use your mouse to examine the garage carefully or pick objects up. Find the codes to unlock the top motorcycle and eventually “escape the room garage”!

Have fun!

Download file size: 2.8MB.

By Eric

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  1. hakan says:

    finally I did it.It was so difficult to last 8 digit.this code change for every game so first write 8 number for 4 pcs.( using line totaly 7 segment) now number shown on the floor top of the all digit but you sohould write them on the floor written haka you must write akah.second one is the bottoms.use a mirror the get the rigt number then write bottom number the last one will be first and go on.and also number should return from rigt side to left side. that is it

  2. angel says:

    okay how in the lord’s name do i ge the hook on the other hook it is impossible

  3. s0da says:

    got very annoyed with the last bit but my stupid fault coz i was looking at the tire and not the floor…duh.oh well, finished it now but kinda frustrated.all i can say is follow the walk through and be patient

  4. Niels says:

    Voor alle motorforummers die geen geduld hebben:

    1. Pak de batterij achter het voorwiel van de motor

    2. Verplaats de vuilnisbak richting de koelkast en zoek de dvd onder de vuilnisbak

    3. Open de koelkast en pak de haak

    4. Pak het attachekoffertje achter de koelkast

    5. Pak de gouden sleutel naast de laptop ( op het motormagazine clicken)

    6. Verplaats de linkerstoel en pak de spiegel onder de kast, pak op de kast zelf de zilvere sleutel om vervolgens op de 2e kast uit de gele bak de aansteker te pakken. Steek de vervolgens aan.

    7. Open het koffertje met de gouden sleutel -> Click op de koffer–> click op en bekijk hem van dichterbij –> selecteer de sleutel en click vervolgens weer op de koffer.

    8. Ga naar de bandenstapel. Selecteer de afstandsbediening en click op het verborgen motortje tussen de bandenstapel. Motortje staat vervolgens achter het achterwiel van de motor. Bekijk het motortje en click op het achterwiel voor de ledverlichting en laat het vervolgens draaien. Resultaat = code voor het achterwiel

    9. Pak de telefoon onder het motorblok

    10. Sluit de telefoon aan op de laptop –> dvd in de cdrom-drive (rechts) en accu links aansluiten.

    11. Zet de laptop aan en download de email. Ga vervolgens naar je brievenbus om de brief te ontvangen. Open hem door erop te clicken en steek hem vervolgens aan met de eerder verkregen aansteker. Hierna krijg je de code voor het voorwiel.

    12. Hang de haak naast de eerder genoemde haak naast de voorkant van de motor en hang daaraan de eerder verkregen spiegel op.

    13. Steek de zilvere sleutel in de motor en verplaats hem vervolgens naar voren door te clicken. Kijk daarna LANGSZIJ de motor in de spiegel. Hierna zie je het bovenste gedeelte van de (wekkervormige) getallen voor de code.

    14. Click vervolgens op het profiel van de motor om het onderste gedeelte van de code te zien. Plak deze helften aan elkaar en je krijgt vervolgens de code voor de garagedeur. Voila!

  5. greig says:

    if you cant get the door code never fear i am hear the door code is 9035 and you have bet the game if you are that far

  6. antwon says:

    It took a while but I did it yer!!!!

  7. ben says:

    i can’t find the door code can somebody help me

  8. ben says:


  9. Sean .L. says:

    I Done IT, The Way I Worked It Out Woz


  10. A smart guy says:

    lol , to see top code in mirror, first click bike handle again, to move it up more

  11. Mitchell says:

    that was wrong again i tried 10 numbers it is not working

  12. kman says:

    well… that was easy lol…

    for people who couldnt manage to find the part of the last code near to tire:

    dont read it off the tire itself. Click on the floor infront/underneath the first tire (where you ran over when u moved the bike). The ‘wierd’ tread imprinted itself onto the floor, giving you the new numbers….

    good luck

    Time: 4 mins 46 secs.

  13. billi says:

    how do u find the bottom half of the numbers????????

  14. usman says:

    what is the garage code

  15. Moose says:

    i have the bottom part of the code which is found on the floor, but i cant find the top part of it in the mirror please help

  16. mimo says:

    eric plzzzzzzzzzzzzzeric helppppppppp icant find the last top numpers i have one hour playing and still didnt find it

  17. Scotty says:

    k to get the last bit of numbers click between the front wheel lock and the tire should be on the ground =]

  18. kevin says:

    whats the door code???

  19. kevin says:


  20. grant says:

    this game is doing my head in i cant work out the code for the end to get out

  21. JamesMckenna says:

    does anybody know what the code for the rear wheel is ?????

  22. Bryce says:

    how do u get the bottom part of the door code?????? i keep clikin but the bike keeps pushin bak i cant figure it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. dem says:

    in my version it was 9461

  24. tsunami says:

    I can’t find out the stupid code for the door. help

  25. leetness says:

    this is freakin Show

  26. searching for top code says:

    Hi i have really big prob.. with the top of the key to the door

  27. Transparent says:

    use the one in the mirror under the one you get on the floor and you’ve done it ;) :D

  28. Evan U says:

    can’t find last door code!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!

  29. rotted brain says:

    as i sit here and listen to my hair turn grey, i have but 1 question.
    i’ve clicked the key, it says it won’t budge. i’ve clicked the front tire, and the floor. it won’t move! i guess i’m one of those thick heads too :-}

  30. wayne hughes says:

    the final code for the main door is 1204

  31. hueser21 says:

    Hey guys dont click the actual ground to get the second half of the code, click somewhere on the lock

  32. ryan says:

    what is he code for the back tire

  33. ryan says:


  34. Scot says:

    a code on a tire is cute, but it’s also a frackin’ pain in the ass. 40 minutes and no love. no game’s worth this. I’ve played the other games. loved ’em. they dropped the ball here.

  35. Victor says:

    follow these steps if you want to beat this game.



  36. jane says:

    I can’t figure out the code at the bottom part of the code!!!!!

  37. El nino says:

    i need help on the last code. i got L I I I with the arrow pointing down and then i got
    I_I I-I but the line in the middle is at the very top and then i got I O with arrow pointing up

  38. Atourayed Chicago says:

    i beat the game finally guys for the bottom code move the bike and click on the hanging mirror for the top code click on the front tire then click on the floor in front of the bike and put the code together and thats it, your Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  39. Merlina says:

    For those of you who have found the code on the floor, but can’t find the code in the mirror — I kept looking in the mirror and saw absolutely nothing and accidently found out why…

  40. Limp Dilznick says:

    if you’re looking in a mirror, wouldn’t you see the mirror image of the number on the front tire?

  41. Kezia says:

    Ok Guys here’s what worked for me after many minutes trying to figure it out. The code for the door:


  42. Shams says:

    FINALLY!!!! Ive beateb this game! It took me like 30 minutes to figure it out! I feel so dumb now!!!! :b

  43. abc says:

    how to use of sand box?

  44. Kregor says:

    Ok. Let me explain, if its not already been done. Nobody can tell you the numbers. Because they change each time. But what I can say. Is that the back wheel lock number is found by the little remote control bike. To find this you must get the suitcase, which is behind the box thing. Then you must get the brow key to open it, which is on the table behind the laptop. Now once the case is opened take the the remote control and go to the shelfs were the tires are. Once there click on the remote and click on the bit you can reach. The bike will zoom out, and will stop behind the bikes back wheel. Put the neons on in the back tire of the small bike and use the remote to spin it, and there you will see the code for the back wheel tire. The front wheel is from the laptop, which you need the phone, DVD, and battery, which are found under the bin, behind the bike and behind the engine. Once plugged into the laptop, you must send a letter, goto the postbox and retrieve it. Open it, and use the lighter (found in the yellow box on shelf) to read the secret message from the blank sheet of paper (from the letter of course). This will be the code for the front lock. And I assume, from what other help people have given you will help you know the main door lock. If not, well here it is. Move the bike forward and in the mirror which you will see, the bottom half of the code, read it from left to right. (silver key is when you move the chair forward to get the mirror. Mirror is on floor, key is next to the hi-fi system.) After getting the bottom half, get off the bike and goto the front wheel and find the top half (I found it easier to put it on a piece of paper to see both sections of the code, depends on what you feel to be better.)
    Once you have the code, go up to the door, type it in. And open the door. There, you will see a video, which, in my opinion is really boring and has nothing good to see, but meh, thats my opinion.

    This has turned into almost of a walk-through. I hope you guys find it useful. And sorry, if you cannot understand it. As I said, nobody can give you the codes, mainly because they are changing every time someone goes on. We can give you our codes, but you may end up going through hundreds, and it probably would have been quicker to look for it on your own, using this and other walk-throughs on how to get the codes. But here is my code for the door, it may work for some due to the codes being done at random. “2639”.
    And by the way, it feels good to actually complete. Doesn’t it?

  45. rocstarrocsi says:

    i got out 9218

  46. Kayla says:

    Does anyone know how u get the object stuck between the tyres?

  47. annomous says:

    how do u find the code the mirior does not show anything and i been clicking the growd but nothing some one please help

  48. confusled says:

    omg i give up i HATE this stupid game :@ i didnt even get further than the hooks lol oh well

  49. marko says:

    where is the attache case?

  50. Sam2Six says:

    WHERE IS THE CELL PHONE!!!????????