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One-OffOne-OffOne-Off is the latest Room Escape game released today by IDAC, the creator of The Bar, Il Destino R and The Privacy, and is a promotional game for the Japanese website

Here is the introduction of the game: “the highest goal of true motorcycle lovers is to obtain a truly unique, custom-made vehicle. But even with their dream bike, they often only have time to tune it up, not to ride. Actually, my life is the bike. Tonight is my bike’s first test run. Now I’m making the final adjustments on my motorcycle. I’m in my garage, an old shipping container that I converted for this purpose. This room is like holy ground to me. But as much as I love this place, for some reason I can’t get out. It seems like I may have to solve puzzles of some sort to escape.”

Graphics are as usual awesome, and you will have again to use your mouse to examine the garage carefully or pick objects up. Find the codes to unlock the top motorcycle and eventually “escape the room garage”!

Have fun!

Download file size: 2.8MB.

By Eric

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194 Comments to One-Off

  1. vlad says:

    grrrrr ive done it all pretty quick but the last bit matching up the top and bottom of the numbers!! i cant get them to fit..ive tried flipping themaround everyway!

  2. vlad says:

    yes! i got it! i was using the top numbers as the bottom!! and yeah, the code changes each time!

  3. rach says:

    you have to hook your hook on the right hand side of the hook that was alredy on there

  4. dragon says:

    how do you figure out the back weel code!!!!!

  5. dragon says:

    hello anybody on

  6. simon says:

    i cant gt the main door open ive got uulu and i cnt see the floor for the other part of the number sum 1 help me plz

  7. dexter says:

    i cant get the mini motor bike to budge can someone help???

  8. dexter says:


    [PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

  9. Salochin says:

    with regards to the question about the hook, you need to do as rach says but make sure that you click quite a bit away to the right from the other hook – approx. the same distance in from the right as the other is in from the left.

    simon, when you see the strange tread on the front wheel, click near the floor and you should see some black marks on a new picture that is displayed. i spent ages trying to decipher the code by looking at the tread and not the marks on the floor – even though the walkthrough said ‘LOOK AT THE FLOOR’ – go figure.

  10. simon says:

    yes i did it thx salochin

  11. Pinkjil says:

    My number code is U J I U (down arrow)/OOUC. I think I must be (in the words of one of the above) pretty feckin thick as I can’t make a code out of it. Thought it was 8946 but that doesn’t work!

  12. Pinkie says:

    i still cant do the hook thing

  13. Pinkie says:

    anyone on?

  14. fl says:

    how do you work out the number in the mirror all I have is coby

  15. Chunky says:

    The code took me ages to work out. if you keep the things the same way round, but bear in mind that one is reflected in the mirror you get…Show

    I hope this helps!

  16. Pinkie says:

    i have l l_ l l_l ive tried to put the tops on the numbers my self and it didnt work, i came up with

    1 2 7 8
    4 6
    0 as possibilitys

  17. Pinkie says:

    that went wrong, its either
    1 2 7 8
    1 2 7 6
    1 2 7 0
    1 2 4 8
    1 2 4 6
    1 2 4 0

  18. NC says:

    How do you connect the cell phpone to the lasptop

  19. cangna says:

    i did every thing i just cant figer out the pass for the garage

    the mirror says u,u,i,5

    the floor says o,8(0),u,5

  20. jebubs says:

    Doh…. Got it at last …..hehehe woooo!! If you write it down it becomes……. Show

  21. Nathan says:

    please can someone tell me the code for the last part please

  22. cangna says:

    jebubs the thing is not 7345

  23. cangna says:

    if ya are going to put the code please make sure it f***king works

  24. fraser says:

    you will find its a different code each time to make it hard

  25. Salochin says:

    The simplest thing that I can suggest is that you draw 4 eights (in pencil) with square corners, i.e a box shape at the top and a box shape at the bottom. Now, using a pen and taking into account that the one part of the code is for the top (on the floor by the bike wheel) and the other part is for the bottom of the digits (in the mirror), you can try various ways of drawing the filled in parts of the number 8’s. You need to also take into account that the filled in parts could be reversed or even upside down, so you may have to mirror image the pictures left to right or up to down. In some cases, try looking at the bits to be drawn in through a mirror. As long as you’ve copied the images correctly – the whole point of using pre-drawn 8’s, you should be able to crack the code. Hope this helps.

  26. daniel says:

    sum 1 tell me the code 4 the last bit plz i carnt do it its solid so the ppl who done it tell me plz iv bn on here 2 hours plz tell me sum 1

  27. daniel says:

    salochin if uv done it tell me it plz

  28. daniel says:

    so no 1 is there

  29. Salochin says:

    daniel, the end can be complex to some and easy to others, which is why i’ve tried to describe the actions to take in “laymen’s terms”. you need to get two pieces of graphics to make up the digits of the number (4 digits long) and, unfortunately, it changes every time, so no-one can say that the number is 1234 for example. try to follow what i’ve written above and, if not, try to describe what you’ve got and where you got it from. Also, MOST IMPORTANTLY, don’t close your browser where the game is running, as the code that you are given back will only work in that instance of the game. If you close the browser and run the game again, you will get yet another code and be back to square one. BTW, i have completed the game after following the walkthrough posted earlier, so i can confirm it works.

  30. Salochin says:

    last entry posted @ 3:40pm GMT

  31. Terry says:

    How do i light the key?

  32. Salochin says:

    Terry – if you’re referring to this part :-

    ‘6. Move the left chair and get the mirror on the floor. Get the silver key on the shelf.
    Get the lighter in the yellow box on the second shelf. Light it.’

    then what you should be doing is lighting the lighter and not the key. if you select the lighter and then click at the top as if you would light a proper lighter you should get a flame. the flame is used with the ‘post’ to see the number on the paper in the postbox.

  33. Salochin says:

    last entry posted @ 8:28pm GMT

  34. dan says:

    hw do u move the bike???????

  35. Cj says:

    Thanks for walkthrough took 5 mins!!!! I tried The Privacy took 15 cause bit harder but Eric these walkthroughs are brill

  36. laxboy says:

    where do u look for the bottom part of the code

  37. Salochin says:

    in the mirror, to the right of the bike.

  38. help me before i need the toilet says:

    hi i thought the game was okay but i gave up at the end saying that i didn’t no what the code was for the garage

  39. mike says:

    8947 ye all

  40. Salochin says:

    mike, everytime you play the game you get a different code to find, so your code is relevant only to the instance that you played it.

  41. GtX says:

    Ohhh sorry Salochin, did not see that….
    But ! The part of the code in the mirror is the bottom half of the entire code. The rest, which is found by cliking between the lock on the floor and te tire, is the top part. Just write it down on a note and you got it =)

  42. GtX says:

    sorry for all “typos” =) I got post nr 100 =) geez

  43. Salochin says:

    Oh, if only it was that simple. As you can see from the post above, little black marks aren’t at always that easy to transcribe to paper. That is why I tried to make the transfer simpler by describing using 4 drawn ‘8’ figures – see post 86.

  44. tee says:

    8390 is the code for the last doors if anyones havin trouble

  45. Salochin says:

    tee – please refer to my, and others, previous posts. there is no ‘definitive’ answer to the code to the main door. it changes every time and the marks you see are relative only to the session of the game you are playing.

  46. disaster! strikes. says:

    Saying “the code changes every time,” in really big letters would probably be a better way to get it across.


    =/ That should work.
    I’m still really stuck on that part, though.

  47. Salochin says:

    thanks disaster! strikes. i’ve never been one to grab someone by the neck and forcefeed them information but, hey, i like your method. Blunt and straight to the point.


    you just wait till my friends and family call me for help in the future. boy are they in for a suprise!!!!

  48. mc says:

    i need help on the last part some 1 help plz :p

  49. peter says:

    the people who has trouble with the end code get a piece of paper first write he mirror part exactly with al the lines then the bottom part (that is left on the ground next to the chain) en write it exactly with the lines under the previous drawing and you wil see a matching line :P and walla you’ve got the code verry simple hard for amateurs :) no thnx just like to help you rookies :)