Riddle School 3

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Riddle School 3Riddle School 3, “the biggest, hardest, and best Riddle School of the three” is live! “Help Phil escape from the high school using all of your point-and-click adventure game knowledge.” Click on the “play this game” link and enjoy this new episode! Have fun!

Riddle School 3 walkthrough in comment #33 (thanks dog!)

By Eric

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  1. cik says:

    what part of the machine do i put the A?

  2. ben says:

    i only got some

    toilet paper,5 cents,ruler-gum,glasses

  3. kl !!! says:

    can sum1 put down all the answers 2 da walkthrough plz!!! its drivin me mental!

  4. Livi says:

    lol ive been possesed by a monkey doll!!!

    games was pretty hard for me lol. final time(second try)was 0:7:18.

    email me if you need help, but dont do stupid stuff ill just block you.
    on second thought youll prolly just give me a head ache.
    ill check back to hlp you guys out!
    just keep a eye out for small object!

  5. peaceboy says:

    Dam i cant get the dime in supply room and i compined the ruler with bookmark wtf!

  6. supage says:



  7. kieran says:

    bobbles = 5378808

  8. zoe says:

    here’s hints on some of the stuff:

    some stuff doesn’t work the first time round (the ruler didn’t combine with the bookmark first time with me and i spent ages trying to get what was next just because it didn’t work)

    to get richy out of his locker:

    to get the button machine working:

    to get the janitor out of his closet:

    to get through Mrs. Moose and into the counsler’s office :

  9. helper girl:D says:

    dog, u have to stick the bookmark onto the end of the ruler w/ chewing gum them click on dime

  10. Samantha:D says:

    Awesome it took me 10 min. and 18 sec. to finish (w/out the walkthrough)!!!

  11. ? says:





    Hope this helps!

  12. DrP says:

    I combined the bookmark with the ruler/gum, but no matter how many times I’ve tried to get the dime on top of the bookcase in the supply closet, nothing happens. Help!

  13. chloe x says:

    type this in for the code thing for locker 5318808

  14. usman says:


  15. tenestones8 says:

    i left wit 74 cents wut i do!?

  16. candymanloop says:

    Where is the last coin for once I have 99 cents=”dough”?

  17. candymanloop says:


  18. mr. hankey says:

    bobbles in numbers is like the funny things you can write on your calculator upsidedown! b=8 o=0 l=7(upside down) e=3(upsidedown) and s is 5(both ways though:) )

  19. rachel says:

    the game is really neat and easy to me to understand.

  20. matthew says:

    where is the nut thing

  21. matthew says:


  22. De Meesterchef says:

    lolol i got the last one! just look good on the screen when walking trough halls whoops i said to much!

  23. wild bill says:

    how do you combine? i dont know how

  24. kizzy says:

    At first get Show

  25. riddle school master says:

    here is were all the coins are Show

  26. bullshit says:

    This clicker button sucks so bad!!!!!!!!!! U CANT CLICK ON ANYTHING!! 50 TRIES JUST TO TAKE THE GUYS GLASSES!!!

  27. tuze4456 says:

    im stuck with 90 cents nd cant find the other 10 to get pudding

  28. isis says:

    yo dis game was fun just like the other 2 sweet

  29. holly says:

    im at 65 cents,. and how do you reach the dime in the supply room? and all that other money. all i have is a bookmark, 65 cents, and a ruler with gum on it.

  30. yay says:

    Ha, you are possessed by a monkey doll if you win a secound time

  31. lee lee says:

    what the f*@#! is the combination its so hard 13 days ive tried and if i dont find that combination i swear…

  32. Kim says:

    i cant do it some 1 help

  33. DEREK says:


  34. Alex says:

    Arter you play riddle school 3 twice you will be possed by a monkey doll

  35. alex says:

    how do you get the a come on help me

  36. tdifreak says:

    how u get last coin????????

  37. tdifreak says:

    I beat it in 8 min!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Maria says:

    Ha! I’m out, wasn’t that hard, though it still took me a few looks at the comments and 37 minutes… =/

  39. cat says:

    how do you flick the rubber band

  40. ray says:


  41. ray says:

    look at my comment it show u how to pas it (ray)

  42. --- says:

    Well, that was easy.. =)

  43. Gudi says:

    omg.. i finished the game for the 2nd time without reloading.. in the end, when you escape, suddenly there’s a big monkey all over the display saying “you’ve been possessed by monkey doll”.. lol..

  44. dude says:

    Where is the coin in miss oddverbs room?

  45. club penguin rocks says:

    got $55 how do u get te rest?

  46. club penguin rocks says:

    dear bobobobobobajob it is 5318808

  47. helloooooooooo says:

    what do i do now that the big person dude has eaten the pudding?

  48. Cloud says:

    To get the dime on the top of the supply closet, you ahve to combine the ruler and bookmark (with the gum0 and line the gummy part up with the dime, to get the cinematic to activate.

  49. Brianna says: