Shift 2

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Shift 2Shift is a platformer that was released one month ago. Its author, Antony Lavelle, has received so many positive reviews that he decided to start working on a sequel only a few days after Shift went live. The good news is that Shift 2 is now online, and it is as good as, if not better than, the original! Have fun!

Update: Shift 2 walkthrough in comment #4 (thanks Snowman!)

By Eric

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164 Comments to Shift 2

  1. w00t!! says:

    thx guyz!!! i gt all da medals! BUT Show

  2. Smedium says:


  3. morgan says:

    the cc is a lie

  4. BBBBBBBBBA says:

    I think the “its telling the truth” is Show

  5. dkid1100 says:

    The game rocks……. but the music is annoying.

    before i forget Show

    that is all

  6. Jinx Dojo says:

    Does anyone else miss the “restart level” option from Shift 1? There is at least one level in Shift 2 that can leave one stuck and forced to begin again from level one.

    I’m talking particularly about the level with two sets of 3 keys, and one lightbulb (about level 5 or 6). If one does not jump correctly the first time after unlocking the first three locks, then one will be stuck. Seems like an annoying issue to leave in a release version–even if it is an older one now.

  7. redroster611 says:

    the cc is a lie!

  8. John says:

    what the hell means cc?????

  9. sammy says:


    Whats up what does SHOW mean?