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AbandonedAbandoned is a new Room Escape game from Melting-Mintz. You are a paranormal investigator, and you find yourself trapped in a cold and dark basement. Where are the other members of your group? Are they OK? And why are you trapped here? What happened? Have fun!

Update: Abandoned walkthrough in comments #77 and #78 (thanks D!)

By Eric

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182 Comments to Abandoned

  1. Arashi says:

    I´m giving up…It´s sooo frustating and boring!!!I can´t pick up anything..wtf is that piece of wood with buttons beside the saw?what should I do with that?I can´t even pick it up and niether those writed pieces…I don´t know…maybe I´m to stupid for this one…or maybe I´m to bored LOL

  2. hilman says:

    stupid game…
    can’t differentiate with moving forward or upstair
    i’m lost frequently…

  3. so_lyrical says:

    anyone know if there’s something else you need to do to get the green gem? I set the time on the clock and tried clicking around but nothing’s happening :(

  4. David Homrighouse says:

    Arashi – Show

    hilman – Show

    so_lyrical – Show

  5. rehana says:

    how will the switch work?i mean 2 say how should i turn it on?

  6. Kali says:

    stupid and boring thats all there is to it

  7. I love these games. Does it take a lot of skill to create these games. Or can someone as simple as me develop one?

  8. Tayy♥ says:


  9. megan says:

    how do you beat the beging of the game? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its so hard

  10. Whitney says:

    i cant get the buttons on the wooden box to work?

  11. Nicci says:

    I am having troubles getting the blue gem, that is supposed to be on the light panel or something like that…can anyone help me?

  12. illusionofshadows says:

    I feel really stupid. I cant find the clock for the green gem.


  13. illusionofshadows says:

    oh wow…completely forget about that last comment haha!

  14. Nikkeh says:

    Does anyone know where that bloody Show

  15. kemu131 says:

    can someone help me? i’m trying to get the green gem and i can’t seem to get it. i have put the clock on 2:27 and i also switched the hands but the gem is still not showing up. please help me! oh, and i turned the water on and went to the well, but the doll isn’t there.

    • silvermist says:

      Click on your items and scroll down until you see the pocket watch. If you look at it it’s not right at the two on the watch click the small hand one more time and the green gem will appear

  16. Kristal says:

    I Cant get past the buttons on the one door HELP!?

    • Nikie says:

      you use the star map with the letters Show

  17. Mark says:

    This is stupid. The most I can do is “see” a handle, chair, blood. pipe, and well. Can’t move – there are no instructions or guide. What a waste of time. Melting mindz should read melted mind.

  18. jess says:

    I’m stuck at the wooden box! how can i enter the code? should i click it or type it? Help! :(

  19. idk says:

    omgee lol….i can not find the doll…i turned on the water already and went to the well….theres no doll there…ive been sitting here waiting for the doll to come up…but hasnt…NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! thank you(:

  20. sam. says:

    I FRICKEN HATE THIS GOSH DAMN GAME! i cant get passed the wooden box. i know the fricken code just dont know how to fricken enter it. i looked through the walkthrough but it still didnt tell me how to enter it!

  21. Marissa says:

    I cant find the red gem :( I have Green, Yellow, Blue, and purple but where is the red???

    • Marissa says:

      I found it but I dont know what to do, I placed the Gems in the right spot, and now I am lost something about ABCD?? and a doll, I went to the wella dn turn on the water and such but no doll and no water in the will

  22. Jake says:

    okay u have to get the hour hand in between the 2 and the 3