Escape the Haunted Mansion

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Escape the Haunted MansionEscape the Haunted Mansion is the second Room Escape game created by Daniel Hoctor (Escape the Lab). You find yourself trapped in a Haunted Mansion and you’re not going to stay in this house! Find clues, use items and escape the house! Sound is required to play this game. Have fun!

Update: Escape the Haunted Mansion walkthrough in comment #2 (thanks D!) 

By Eric

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40 Comments to Escape the Haunted Mansion

  1. Lostrenny says:

    Good Morning. !

  2. D says:



















    • E says:

      thanks. that really helped me because i had no idea what i was doing and i have never played it before. so thanks!

  3. Lostrenny says:

    out… without that walkthrough. 2nd comment is a little early to post that but w/e
    lol good luck everyone else.

  4. mr. beer says:


  5. BoomBoxer says:

    the link doesnt work for me?

  6. SeiichirouUta says:

    I didn’t like the game. The sound on the phone was from Ju-On and the sounds while the door with the sign opened for the first time were from the Silent Hill games.
    Don’t know what else was “stolen”…

  7. wahh!!!!D: says:

    how the “h” do i get to the game? every time i click the link thingy it takes me to a walkthrough that doesnt even showup anyway. HELP!!!!!

  8. ratchet and clank529 says:

    cant do it too scary left at door when ghost flashes

  9. shaz says:

    cant find the crow bar and ive clicked clock to get the handle nothing happens

  10. shaz says:

    all i got is piece of paper cant find nothing else grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  11. shaz says:

    i really need help here,ive clicked picture so it shakes and the right hand side goes down i cant see no clock hand and cant find crow bar,be all right if mouse reacted where bits r but it dont

  12. nancy says:

    How come once you go in to get the red clock hand, it doesn’t let you back out?

  13. nancy says:

    Nevermind…….duh me!!! LOL

  14. laughingpoodle says:

    strange game…thanks for the walkthrough

  15. reiily says:

    different game a little short I through but it was kinda fun

    o ya and i looked at the walkthroug after i beat it and my phone never rang but everything eles was good

  16. Delilah says:

    I thought this game was…




  17. POpCApLOvER says:

    I can’t get through the door even with the key! Where do i click with the key? Sommeone please help me!

  18. aa60 says:

    Thanks everyone….I could’nt do it without you…..What a clever lot you are!!!

  19. Barbie says:

    It wasn’t really scary as much as it startled me a lot. That’ll teach me to use my speakers! :-p

  20. Kezia Thomas says:

    i put the clocks on the right time. and i saw the ghost but i cant get through the door. help me!!

  21. mr. hankey says:

    first i was afraid to play it, but when i saw no warnings here… I DID IT ANYWAY…………………………….MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  22. Preston Lumbruno says:


  23. lolishtic says:

    the ghost looked like

  24. kendall says:

    i agree with ratchet and clank529. i hate that part! too scary !

  25. wendy says:

    ahh i hate that ghost
    too scary for me =(

  26. Alex says:

    what key, i cant find the key

  27. tammy says:

    why is this game so hardd… the simbole is still in redd HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

  28. urooj sajid says:

    the clocks tease me the second clock cant go right accurate to 12:00 pm.its so difficult,.

  29. MIA says:

    OMG! i stopped when i saw the ghost! when it flashed i was like oh HELLO! it was so funny but yah too hard

  30. tash says:

    i cant get past the bit when you have to set the clocks to the right time!!!
    cuz you cant see the clocks very well so you dont know where 9:00 is!
    plz can u help me!!!:)

  31. WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too scary!!!! i only got to the ghost and i jumped and i got off it as fast as i could!

  32. jayne says:

    how the hell do u do this game help!!!!

  33. Jay says:

    if you look in a mirror and a clock shows 9:00, the clock is reading 3:00. this is why i could never get past that part. Attention to detail on making these games please.

  34. samantha says:

    done it… phone sounded like the grudge hated it…
    not very nice when your sitting in the house by yourself lol…
    couldn’t get out off the room with the red clock handle so had a sneaky look at walkthrough lol

  35. Jessica Miles says:

    This game is awesome. It’s super-scary. I play a few hundred every day and this is one of the best in a while. I think that the graphics are great (especially for Windows), the sound effects are real and spooky, and the thrill you get when you play is just great. You can’t stop during it. It’s addictive!

  36. sabina says:

    WOW. this game is scary. i tried to pass the ghost part at the door. but i got to freaked out and could not get out the room after getting the red thing and replacing it. i got locked in. i gave yup to scared.

  37. room escaper says:

    that is so easy game!

  38. room escaper says:

    its not scary game

  39. Anonomus says:

    First time I saw the Ghost I jumped abit violentley but soon got use to it… (The statick bit where you see the ghost 4 a while helps pity it was near the end of the game as it would help ppl get use to it)

    the game is great and vry sutible for all thrill seekers, ppl that like being scared and most others 2!!!