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DropSumDropSumDropSum is a Flash based game created by Nick Harper that takes logic and quick thinking to survive. The goal of the game is to take the random numbers you are given and make rows or columns that add up to the number 9. The board consists of seven columns and seven rows. Players click the mouse over a column to drop the number into that column.

The challenge is to make as many combinations of the number 9 as possible with the numbers provided. Once you make a combination that adds up to 9, the numbers that made that combination of 9 turn blue, make another combination of 9 with a blue number and it turns yellow, make a third combination of 9 with a yellow number and it turns to red. The number finally disappears when it is red and in a combination of 9. The number goes away and the numbers above it fall down and can possibly complete other combinations of 9. Players have to survive as long as possible without filling the board. When the board is full the game is over.

Players need to make a certain number of combinations of 9 before moving to the next level. The combinations of 9 that are needed to make it to the next level are off to the side of the board. There is a grid containing little bubbles and the number of bubbles that are shaded dark gray are the number of combinations of 9 the player needs to achieve before making it to the next level.

Once the game ends, there is a neat little graph that tells the player their brain size and speed. The higher level you can achieve the bigger your brain size. The faster you complete each level, obviously, the higher your speed. After your speed and brains size has been displayed on the graph, the player gets a blurb of text giving them a perspective of their brain size and speed, such as “Your cunning is that of a high school boy sneaking a peak in the girls shower, but your reaction time is like the turning of the tides.”

Dropsum is extremely addicting to play and takes a good amount of brain power. There are so many different ways to achieve a combination of nine it is almost impossible to see them all. I kept playing and playing trying to beat the last level I failed at the time before. As you play, you end up getting better at planning the combinations of nine and figuring out how to make it to the next level. I recommend anyone that likes thinking games or puzzle games, check out Dropsum.

Have Fun!

By Jennifer

current rating 4.50


3 Comments to DropSum

  1. laughingpoodle says:

    The game is fun, but I could do without the insults at the end. :o(

  2. StickyJim says:

    What’s with all the messages they’ve added during the game!?! They stay for too long and obstruct your view!!!

  3. persyl says:

    just one bug .
    sometimes, at the end, i have the score, the “analysis complete” and it’s blocked on How fast is your brain !
    Very stupid when you have made 55 000 000 and 80 000 000 with this bug