The Morning After

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The Morning AfterThe Morning AfterGreat news today! After Icescape, Mousebreaker has just released The Morning after, the second Room Escape game designed by Psionic from UK.

“You wake up in a strange house, your head’s throbbing and you’re locked in. Been there? It’s the morning after that party – can you find the front door key and escape from the student house?”

You will meet several people in this house, and each of them will ask you to perform different tasks or find different items. Some tasks consist of mini-games which have their own “how to play” rules: read them carefully!

Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

The Morning After walkthrough (thanks Wena!)

By Eric

current rating 4.11


114 Comments to The Morning After

  1. louise says:


  2. john says:

    Where is the walkthrough?

  3. mona says:

    this one is grose baaaaaaaaaa with the zitz

  4. Vanni_Ogg says:

    dumb game. i can’t feed the dog

  5. GEORGE P says:

    I’M OUT

  6. Jellytot says:

    Quite easy this one – no walkthough required

  7. syd says:

    out with no real problems

    no fun to play if you ask me

  8. Lostrenny says:

    I liked this one. Less pixel hunting, more quest no walkthrough needed. Feeding the dog you have to time it when its going back to the right… you only need ten so don’t worry about you accuracy or anything.

  9. mruport says:

    The game loads but just sits at the loading screen. Any ideas?

  10. Anna says:

    mruport: me to, It says loaded 100% but nothing happens

  11. greg says:

    same for me, the site must be crashing

  12. mr. beer says:

    I closed the frame and worked!

  13. mr. beer says:

    Stuck with the 3rd spot the difference!

  14. Psi says:

    Tip – make sure you have the latest flash player!!

  15. eric k says:

    game is easy, just do the mini-games,very easy to do just had trouble with circuit board, my score sucked thou lol

  16. eric k says: 3rd spot difference- check around nose and mouth

  17. eric k says:

    zit game- use the top 4 zits to pop,- circuit board – top row goes 1-8 ,bottom row is 2-3-6-8-1-5-4-7, just match the top, u win

  18. shaz says:

    omg cant do circuit board grrrrrrrrrrrrr even after reading ya comment eric im stuck

  19. shaz says:

    omg some bits too hard borrrrrrring game i lost interest in it

  20. shaz says:

    think spot the difference changes for each player i had picture of a lady my 3 spots were bottom right.right of right knee and top just right of her head

  21. mruport says:

    Can’t find the 3rd cheese

  22. MortenPetterson says:

    Got everything except the bloody sausage! Where the heck is his sausage? Cheese is in Show

  23. MortenPetterson says:

    Oh…found the sausage.. :) Reasonable game. I too am fed up of pixel hunting my screen…

  24. Fallen says:

    Good game, but circuit board game is VERY hard

  25. loz says:

    it wont let me pick the ladder up from the cellar!!!

  26. Andy says:

    Where’s the dog’s toy?

  27. Andy says:

    Ahah – I was looking for the dog’s toy, when all I had to do was click on the dog’s house.

  28. mocha says:

    aghhhhh hate the circuit thingy!!!!! im stuck there!!!

  29. Kovisa says:

    Where’s the 4th cheese?

  30. Kovisa says:

    nvm, I thought there are 4 pieces of cheese

  31. nancy says:

    Cool game…. I liked it…. Some of them were hard, but its all about speed…

  32. Megan says:

    Why is that the game will load but then there is nothing to push to start the game, it’s just the main screen?

  33. Psi says:

    Make sure you have the latest version of Flash Player?

  34. *LOZZii3* =D says:

    I DID IT

  35. Russell says:

    i need help for the differences on the 1st one, i have 4 i cant find the 5th :@

  36. Anna says:

    i also installed the latest flash yesturday, but same thing happened.

  37. hannah says:

    how do you get the ladder?

  38. hannah says:

    and where is the 5th difference on the 2nd picture?

  39. hannah says:

    done it but how do you get the laddeR?

  40. hannah says:

    done it :D

  41. steve says:

    could someone please tell me where all the differences are on the 3rd spot the difference, i found 4 but can’t find the last.

  42. donna says:

    I cannot feed the dog! Can only get to 7 – tips?

  43. Psi says:

    Walkthrough is on my site, follow link from the credits page ;) or click my name above…


  44. Wena says:

    TMA complete walkthrough


  45. tiffany says:

    i got ever thing but i just can feed that damn doy

  46. beck says:

    aaaa… i really can’t feed the dog

  47. JJ says:

    haha, this game was so god damn simpel it wasn’t even funny

  48. Aaron says:

    Where are all 8 cans of beer?

  49. bil says:


  50. DNOMN8R says:

    I like this game. Best score: 396 with all accomplishments = 246.