Wogger Mini – Chapter 113

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Wogger Mini 113Wogger Mini #113 is online! Can you help Wogger find his way through the cave labyrinth? Wogger Mini is a Point’n’Click Adventure series created by Bernd Mattiebe from Germany. Help Wogger and his family on their never-ending journey in a surreal world full of danger. Have fun!

By Eric

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3 Comments to Wogger Mini – Chapter 113

  1. shaz says:

    u played it ace .i completed it did get lost in cave bit but got there.

  2. Taco says:

    Click on the one of the stones in front of wogger., again.Find hot spot on the right so the screen moves (beside the big rock on the right.Click beside the big rock on the left.


    NOTE: you may need to move your mouse around the cave to find the hot spots

    1. Go to top left cave
    2. Go to top middle cave
    3. Click on cave to right of door( the bottom middle cave)
    4. Go to right (bottom right cave)
    5. Click door near coin ( on the right of the coin )
    6. Put coin in thought bubble

    Hard part: There are four bubbles, click on the second bubble (beside the smallest