The Daydream

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The DaydreamThe DaydreamThe Daydream is live! This game is the latest creation of IDAC, the team behind JOBpico, Bon Voyage, Strawberry Tomato and so many other popular Room Escape games!

Intro: “I want you to find me… One evening, I got an email on my cell-phone from my son, as always. It’s the same message every time. His message was an invitation to play his favorite game, peek-a-boo. We’ve played this game over and over since he was a baby. Although, as he’s gotten older, the game has become more like hide-and-seek. Ok, I’m coming to his room. I’m ready to play the game. But his room seems different for some reason. Hey! The door’s locked behind me! Is this a new twist to the game? Or something else?”

You will need to enter your birth date to play The Daydream. It seems that Gotmail want to know you..

Have fun!

Note: Like with every new release, Gotmail’s site is getting hammered with traffic, so if you have trouble getting The Daydream to load, please be patient and reload the page. Eventually, it will load!

The Daydream walkthrough in comment #5 (thanks D!)

The Daydream video walkthrough!

By Eric

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54 Comments to The Daydream

  1. Brad Pitt says:

    There is one unfair part of this game. I do not reccomend playing this as a serious room escape because this single part is impossible to solve. First I shall post the cheesy flaw in this room escape. Then, I shall post the walk through.

    This is the single flaw of the game that nobody can solve on their own:


    This part messed up what could have been a perfect highly recommendable game. I will now not recommend this game to anybody.

  2. Craact says:

    Really non-intuitive game… not enjoyable at all… sorry…

  3. Mr_walshy says:

    This one is absoloutely rubbish.
    There is no sense or logic to most of the puzzles.

  4. Pro says:

    liked it, though