Escape from the Gallery

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Escape from the GalleryEscape from the GalleryAfter Dream Escape and Escape from the Kitchen, Escape from the Gallery is the third Room Escape game created by Dina Gjertsen.

Your goal here is to escape from a contemporary art gallery.

It seems Dina Gjertsen is really interested in contemporary artists: if you like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons artwork, you will probably enjoy this game.

Oh, and the TAB key is your friend in Escape from the Gallery!

Have fun!

Update: Escape from the Gallery walkthrough in comment #46 (thanks Reka!)

Update: Escape from the Gallery video walkthrough! (thanks itsjustanaccount!)

By Eric

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74 Comments to Escape from the Gallery

  1. shaz says:

    woooo hoooo im first

    have found a Show

  2. shaz says:

    above shark tank theres a machine u click light goes from red to green,light switch and box looks like u need a code

  3. shaz says:

    need a 4 numbered code on top of brillo box

  4. Kelcy says:

    If you put the focus piece found under the dolls by the rabbit, you can see what the projector says

  5. Kelcy says:

    So far I haveShow

    I have no idea what to do next, or where to use any objects…

  6. eli says:

    get code:

  7. Kelcy says:

    I also have Show

  8. eli says:

    where did you get remote control?

  9. Kelcy says:

    @eli Show

  10. eli says:

    i found a black marker

  11. eli says:

    put the light bulb in the missing spot where the 4 facial pictures are…it is top at the top right.

    Use the paper cutter on the box with the pink on it and you get a hose. I conntect shark tank with hose to the brilo box

  12. shaz says:

    found light bulb wheres the foucs thingy

  13. Kelcy says:

    where do you find the paper cutter?

  14. Mary Lou says:

    you can use the spigot handle on
    the thing on the left of the shark tank

  15. Kelcy says:

    move your mouse around by the dolls and at the bottom of the pile eventually you’ll see the focus thing

  16. eli says:

    paper cutter Show

  17. Mary Lou says:

    the bunny´s tail is a light bulb. you can use it on the pictures behind the piano bank. don´t forget to plug them in.

  18. Kelcy says:

    How do you get the key out of the shark’s mouth? So far I have Show

  19. eli says:

    same here
    i have a remote, suction cup, and marker. Drained tank.

  20. shaz says:

    put light bulb where it was supposed to go got a marker pen but wheres the paper cutter to cut the box

  21. Kelcy says:

    where do you find the suction cup?

  22. eli says:

    i kind of forget but i think on the left side of the tv scene

  23. Mary Lou says:

    where did you find the glass cutter?

  24. Kelcy says:

    any idea where? I can’t find the suction cup on tv’s

  25. eli says:

    read 18
    Mary Lou

  26. Kelcy says:

    @Mary Lou Show

  27. Kelcy says:

    yay! escaped!

  28. Mary Lou says:

    use the black marker
    on the right wall in the first scene (the one with the box where you found the hose). you can draw a door there!

  29. shaz says:

    omg eventually got the projector thing

  30. Mary Lou says:

    @eli: there is a difference between a paper cutter and a glass cutter!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. shaz says:

    dont get bit with projector bit to get the code for box

  32. Mary Lou says:

    can´t find the damned suction cup!!!

  33. shaz says:

    wats code from projector thing ive clicked left side cant see no code grrrrrrrrrrrrrr i hate these hard games

  34. Mary Lou says:

    finally out!
    use dental pick on one of the lower left tvs

  35. shaz says:

    i give up the games soooooooooooooo boring any way

  36. isaren says:

    where did you find the glass cutter?

  37. darkmatter says:

    the suction cup is on the lower TV on the left use your DENTAL PICK!!

  38. Ryan says:

    how do u get the glass cutter

  39. isaren says:

    nevermind! i’m out!

  40. rob says:

    how do you draw a door ?

  41. nitrox says:

    hmmm… cant find the suction cup, anyone got an idea about wt the bottles are supposed to do? im tryin to use tab but i cant find anything

  42. les says:

    honestly where is the glass cutter . . . Happy for you if you found it but why bother telling people if your not going to say where you found it.

  43. les says:

    found the suction cup Show

  44. Reka says:


  45. otacsaf says:

    okay game. I definitely have a totally different idea of what art is than what this game portrays. :)

  46. mr. beer says:

    Did it, at the end… thank to reka’s walkthrough…

  47. tia says:

    how do you use all this crap?!?
    frankly im frustrated
    it wont let me use this stuff
    sos sos sos!!!!!!!!!

  48. Reka says:

    Tia, to use an item, point the mouse at the item, not the background – the background should NOT change to green – and then click and drag the item to where you need it.