Brown Dyed Hotel

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Brown Dyed-hotel-50.jpgBrown Dyed HotelBrown Dyed Hotel is a mix of a puzzle game and a riddle game. Your goal here is to reach the next “room” by solving a little puzzle. It seems there is not a lot of “rooms” to explore, but the use of Flash adds interest to the game. All in all, a worthwhile diversion.

2008-02-29: Found on the main page: “It is time to unveil this website’s true purpose. We are making a game. A game that has not been seen anyone before. We are not trying to invent new genres, but we are doing a take on existing ones in a complete new way. The game is due very soon and we’ll be posting news about the progress as we go…”

About the original puzzle game: “The last page most people reached was a page showing four timers, of which three counted down to videos and the fourth one to the launch of this website. There was (and still is) lots more to find over this website…”

Have fun!

Update: Brown Dyed Hotel walkthrough (?) in comments #36 and #37 (thanks Lou!)

By Eric

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69 Comments to Brown Dyed Hotel

  1. martin says:

    interesting game with no instructions
    you start at level 11 and work your way down the levels

    have reached lv. 8 but now idear wat to do with this one

  2. mfkitty says:

    look in the left hand corner….the numbers……..make the dots like that

  3. mfkitty says:

    stuck on level 6

  4. Lou says:

    Need help with level 8? Im on level 7. Heres a hint

  5. Lou says:

    But Im stuck on level 7 so if anyone has any advice, please let me know!

  6. Lou says:

    never mind, got past it.

  7. senmor says:

    I am at ” theend.html”, maybe the last one… I tried “totheend.html” and it asks ” number twelve?”… I do not know how to get any further. ( if I can even get any further, maybe this is really the end)

  8. [email protected] Kong says:

    How is it about unvision(7)?

  9. senmor says:

    I am at level 0. the last level I think.

  10. Lou says:

    About lvl 7

  11. senmor says:

    look at the characters at the bottom right corner ( or dots), Show

  12. senmor says:

    then you should see a word: ” /machine”… change the url to:

  13. mfkitty says:

    Unvision — Show

  14. Rae says:

    Wow it started and I didn’t even know until lv 10

  15. Cmonnom says:

    level 7:

  16. senmor says:


  17. mfkitty says:

    anyone get level 6 yet?

  18. senmor says:

    level 6: Show

  19. senmor says:

    level 5: Show

  20. mfkitty says:

    thanks!!! that one was difficult!!!

  21. senmor says:

    level 4: Show

  22. mfkitty says:

    ok, so now it’s the big black lake………

  23. senmor says:

    level 3: Show

  24. Andy says:

    Okay… I’m at the beginning, I think… with the dots orbiting around the central dot. When I click, they orbit more quickly. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to type something or click something.

  25. senmor says:

    level 2: Show

  26. mfkitty says:

    level 3 Show

  27. mfkitty says:

    level 2 Show

  28. gamze says:

    i cannot figure out level4

  29. NetMonster says:

    Level 9, what do I do?

  30. senmor says:

    level 1: Show

  31. NetMonster says:

    Nevermind, I got it…

  32. NetMonster says:

    On level 8, I only see 3 and a half circles on my screen… so it’s impossible for me :(

  33. senmor says:

    level 0 : Show

  34. senmor says:

    level -1? : Show

  35. mfkitty says:

    senmor, neither can I….weird

  36. Lou says:


    A note about this game is that you start at level 11 and go backwards. I didnt post the levels backwards, to those who didnt work that out.


    Level 11

    Level 10

    Level 9

    Level 8

    Level 7

    Level 6

    Level 5

    Level 4

    Level 3

    Level 2

    Level 1

    I dont think there is anything else after it but this is a very strange game. Personally I love it, but ive heard rumors that it continues after level 1. But this is as far as this walktrough will go either way.

  37. Lou says:

    A little more on top of that walkthrough.


    Level -1??

  38. bob says:

    for the puzzle at the end.. the edges arent matching up for me…
    is anyone else having this problem??

  39. Susan says:

    I am so frustrated with Level 6!!!!! I am typing “ether” in the text box but I can’t get the game to progress. I type it before the video loops but it still isn’t cooperating…since I’m not too keen on going bald, I would appreciate any hints anyone can offer. I am typing while the music is playing…I’m assuming that it what I’m supposed to do…yes?


  40. damien says:

    I still need help with level 10 ? Please.

  41. pOlo says:

    how do you know that the clock has to be 5:07?? really dont get that…

  42. popcorn06 says:

    in level 6, i found the text box to the right of the video, not left.

  43. LordKnight says:

    for gosfish the puzzle aren’t match but try overlap wach other and see the diffrence

  44. Susan says:

    popcorn…I found the text box to the right of the video also, but I still can’t get the game to progress. I clicked on “work” and have typed “ether” in the box but game doesn’t go to next level. I peaked at the walkthrough for that level and there was a comment about timing it just right…? Did it work for you and can you give me a clue? Anyone…a clue would be great! I’d love to continue this game. Thanks!

  45. Denny says:

    @ Susan. The way I got past it was by typing ether and then hitting the Enter button on the keyboard.

  46. Susan says:

    Denny…Huge thank you!!!!! Did my Evelyn Wood speed typing-press “enter” on keyboard and voila, Level 5. Thanks again so much for your help. I owe you one!

  47. Reka says:

    Level 1: Show

  48. LightBulb says:

    I wanted to play this game, but level 10 proved too hard for me. :(
    Anyone have any tips, pointers?

  49. Merlina says:

    Is there something you are supposed to do at level zero (I put the pieces together but nothing)?

  50. ilseppia says:

    Level 0 (-1) ??