Escape Ecru Room

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Escape Ecru RoomEscape Ecru RoomEscape Ecru Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia, one of our Best Developers for 2007.

In Escape Ecru Room, “Rupert has taken a job as an unappreciated Pizza cook. Help him serve his customers, and leave for his well deserved vacation.”

If you didn’t become crazy with Escape Pear Room and if you enjoy Paskapet’s games, you will probably like this one!

Have fun!

Update: Escape Ecru Room walkthrough in comment #23 (thanks pOlo!) 

By Eric

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628 Comments to Escape Ecru Room

  1. NeedHelp says:

    what do the metal pins look like,if it is possible i want a picture

  2. cameron says:

    I really need help to beat it so I want someone to post something that says 1: and whatever the first anwser is

    • sezy says:

      just get the rolling pin and click on the dough 3 times. Then put the rolling pin down and click on the dough again 1 or 2 times. Finaly roll it.

  3. 2bad4u says:

    I can’t put the pizza in the oven!!! HELP!

  4. 2bad4u says:

    never mind I found how to do it

  5. ChocoLate says:

    Where is the hammer??? i have been clicking all over the oven n nothing!!! im getting angry!!!!

  6. Brooke says:

    Does anyone get people who come that arent on the vip list and steal the pizza? i do

    • Jill says:

      Yeah i’ve had those, you just need to point the knife at those who are not on the vip list, and they’ll go away.

  7. help me real bad says:

    For the safe what do you add up on the cards to get code for safe do u add the numbers on card number like one of mine is Tomas Card number:AR-430, i know the people i need the numbers from but what i dont know what add up and how to add it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! and don’t post about that piece of paper.

  8. jam18 says:

    agh! what if i have all the pins up??? all of the pins should be down, but mine turned all up! HELP!

  9. Jordan says:

    I can’t stir the dough mix and I have the right spoon and this is the second time for me making dough.

  10. ChocoLate says:

    i finally beat the game!

  11. fornetti says:

    I do not believe this

  12. kassandra says:

    How d o u take the dough out of the pot

  13. ash says:

    i can’t find the hole your supposed to put the stick in at the very end

  14. BROOKE says:



  15. alyssa_camp says:

    what will i do with all the stuff i filled the bottle with water,the glass with brown rice.what will i do

  16. Meee says:

    Escape Ecru Room


  17. Help me and everyone else stop posting inless your helping me! says:

    When you say add up long numbers with matching the letters with the names,what are the long numbers we have to add up like the numbers by the custormers id or the numbers under that?

  18. Kazuki Hihara says:

    Nice game!!!I like it!!!I escape!!!Yeah….

  19. jennie goddess says:

    this game is soooooooooooooooooooooo frustrating!!!! I got the stupid dough in the pot, but i can’t do anything else!!! It’s just above the top, and i can’t make it do anything else!!!!!!!!! I clicked, i double clicked, i did the stupid hand i tried the rolling pin!!! AAAAAaaarhg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!! PLEASE!!!

    • Jill says:

      Wait until it has risen above the big pot, Show

  20. keianna says:

    How do you mix everything together seriously help please!

  21. lana says:

    there is nobody outside help?

  22. Anie says:

    Very cool game! But really hard! I couldn’t have done it alone, thanx to you all!

  23. Emily says:

    A note for anyone havin trouble using the key on the safe:

    Make sure you’ve emptied your inventory as much as you can – keep the knife, but make sure you put the cookbook back. For some reason I couldn’t open the safe until I’d put the cookbook away.

  24. drummer girl says:

    how do u put the topings on the pizza

  25. tyler says:

    how do i use both miitens at once its only letting me use 1 at a time

  26. neverland says:


  27. Miha says:

    how do I open the safe i dont know what numbers should i take i got the red stickers and the papier whit letters but i dont know what should i do

  28. any says:

    i cant open the egg
    whats up with that?

  29. any says:


  30. ryanconverse says:

    u dont need 2 keep asking questions when u can look at # 23

  31. ryanconverse says:

    wanna change the subject?im bored.

  32. ryanconverse says:

    oops i got far but i accidently closed the window.

  33. ryanconverse says:

    im stupid i hate myself

  34. ryanconverse says:

    im lonely there’s traffic on the 94 and……. holy cow. Niagra Falls has stopped flowing

  35. Kirsten says:

    how do you get the egg in the glass saucepan?
    i selected the saucepan and tried to put the egg in but nothing happens.:s

  36. Desperate Housewife says:

    Okay, I got the pizza’s, but what’s next?
    I don’t have any idea how I can get to those metal pins you’re talking of!!
    Please help me, I got stucked!!

  37. Shadow says:

    grrrrrrrrr.. i’m up to the part with those pins and its so annoying….. i get all but one down then i click it and most of them pop up againn.. -.-

  38. TLhopper says:

    i have everything and got the key but it won’t let me open the safe what am i doing wrong

  39. Kathy says:

    Help! I can’t get the dough to rise!!!

  40. Bee says:

    how to tell if it’s a vip: use the knife on him, if he runs away, it’s not a vip. if he stays, try again, if he stays, then use the roll of paper that u find under the sink behind the toilet paper to see which vip it is

  41. Cam-Cam-Fone says:

    hey ummmm, im like so lost i did all da pizzas n da minigame but i cnt find safe….

  42. holly says:

    okkayy. i srsly cant get the egg to go in the bowl.. HELP ME.

  43. anonamus says:

    how do u turn on the oven

  44. lucho says:

    go to the oven, click down left of oven until hammer appears. Get it and smack the oven with the hammer on the brownish part. Red light will turn on. When turns on and off repeatedly open door and take pizza

  45. Took forever to figure this out!!!!!! says:

    Hey anybody who cant get the risen dough out of the pot, make sure you have an empty space in your inventory

  46. Took forever to figure this out!!!!!! says:

    HOLLY, if the egg wont go in the bowl, all you need to do is go back into the basket, get a new egg, double click it in your inventory, click the big egg picture, if it takes forever to spin, go back and get a new one. repeatedly change your egg until it spins for about 1-2 seconds. NO MORE NO LESS This means it is a bad egg ;D and will crack super easy, take it to your mixing pot with all other ingredients and put it in the same way you would anything else :D

  47. nike_mike2 says:

    how do you take the customers dang orders and how do u know how the vip are?

  48. Rigel says:

    I made the first pizza but the customer sid NO!. Eversince i´ve tried to fill the bottle glass but it never fills up, tried for days, restarted the game but never works. How can I refill the bottle glass with water again???? Is there a clue for that or is it my computer? HEEEEELP!

  49. Hailey359 says:

    i cant find the peice of paper!!! where is it? also i go the key but i dont know where to put it! help!!!!

  50. dede says:

    Here’s the Walkthrough: